Online classes

Online classes

12/02/2021 0 By Sazzad Arefeen
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as far everyone was requesting and concerned, we are keeping our online classes regularly on every Tuesday and thursday –6pm and onwards Bangladesh time . Other then that our regular branch classes/offline/practical classes are also going on. For online classes, the below are the methods we follow and use :

  • When a new student gets admitted, on the first class we take a video interview and set the course plan-where to start according to our syllabus.
  • Beginner-advance all students are welcome to join.
  • Our base of online class is Facebook group which is totally secret and only visible to officially enrolled students.
  • Depending on the number of students, all classes are checked in PENDING STATUS, KEPT NOTE of performance , checked many times due to varied video and audio quality , then on the same day afterwards new advice/live session/phone calls are made for correction and provided new lessons.
  • The method of giving students new lessons is hybrid, we use our website lessons section which is pass word protected with TABS and Chord diagrams, we use video references from our web, we also conduct live sessions from the group when needed, even we use direct phone calls-According to the adjustment of the students needed.
  • Everything is done by the SERIALIZED COURSE PLAN.
  • We check/review classes individually, every student has to submit their weekly work by recording the video.
  • We welcome anyone from any part of the world to join.

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