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Zoom G3Xn-The small but effective Multi Fx

When anyone asked me on recent years apart from my analog pedals or amps,which would be the better choice for a multi FX, I simply answered it is ZOOM G3 or G5 .Why?Because I found Zoom had outdone with the best amp and fx modelling for the price shaking out since the g3 and g5 series brought out couple of years back. And now they have released a new and upgraded version which are named as G3n,G3Xn and G5n. I would say G3Xn .And on the first hands on,I really could only say it is the small  but effective and packed fx pedal .

Official Features At A Glance

  • 70 (68 effects, 1 looper pedal, and 1 rhythm pedal) onboard
    high-quality digital effects, including distortion, overdrive,
    EQ, compression, delay, reverb, flanging, phasing, and chorusing
  • 5 new amp emulators plus 5 cabinet emulators
  • 75 custom-designed factory patches
  • Free ZOOM Guitar Lab Mac/Windows software allows
    downloading of additional effects and patches
  • Use up to 7 effects simultaneously, chained together in
    any order
  • 3 stompbox switches allow effects to instantly be brought
    in and out
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 3 independent editing displays
  • Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters
  • Onboard chromatic tuner with dedicated footswitch supports
    all standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings
  • Tuner range of 435 – 445 Hz
  • Stereo/mono Looper allows recording of up to 80 seconds of
    phrase recording
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns that can be used in conjunction
    with the Looper
  • Tap Tempo with dedicated footswitch
  • Input jack accepts standard guitar cable
  • Auxiliary stereo input jack for connection of smartphones
    and music players
  • Dual output jacks for connection to guitar amps and mono
    or stereo PA systems
  • Stereo headphone output
  • Included AC adapter



My observations over build and sound quality

  • The foot switches are strong and heavy duty.
  • Better and brighter display upgraded from previous generation.
  • The control knobs of optimal, Not out of the box but I do not think they will break out easy!
  • The plastic part of the body is nice but could have a bit better finish.
  • The back side jacks and ports are well build.
  • Sturdy expression pedal.
  • Best amp and cab simulation for the price in my ears.
  • Great collection of fx pedals to use, nice to set it on the chain.

Price and comparison

As stated on the picture below from Zoom’s official web,you would find the major difference with G3n and the g3Xn is the expression pedal, and g5n has more storage and fx options. In addition the G5n has an audio interface to connect to your home pc to record whatever you want. It really depends on your choice of budget and options you want to select your model. But I would definitely suggest to avoid the g3n unless you do not want to use it as amp simulation on the end of your analog pedals.


  • Zoom G3Xn(with zoom dc original adaptor) – 19,000 Tk
  • Zoom G5n(with zoom dc original adaptor) – 24,500 Tk

All original Zoom products are now available at the official Zoom dealer in Bangladesh at World Music and Golden Music Co.You can also have a special discount token from


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