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ESP-LTD Electric Guitar under budget for starters

The very first complication most of us always had here in Bangladesh is just not having the Financial support to proceed with our upgrade from acoustic to electric Guitar, assuming you have been playing and learning from your little savings from tuition , Eid Salamis and etc. While I get asked about “How much would it cost to get a good guitar or my budget is 30000 BDT ? ” Well sometimes it is really complicated for me to suggest and to combine both quality and price but, in terms of ESP LTD guitars, they have made it easier for us at the present times. Here are a few suggestions and brief features of those guitars right below:


The MH series has been there for very long and This is one of the newer models they have made, and what it surprised me is the bolt on maple neck and finger board in this budget. If you have decided to play rock/metal stuff, this one has a floyd rose special bridge on board. The pickup selection is very interesting, it has a humbucker on bridge , a single coil on the middle and another single coil on bridge( ESP LH-150 / LS-120 / LS-120 SET), ESP LTD has been very innovative to put the 5 way selector here with tone knob and volume of course. The guitar will cost you right about 30,000 BDT( Approx), consider checking out the MH-50 which is about 29000 BDT.



This one is the upgrade version of the Hall of fame M-100 FM  which had been years and years dominating budget guitars with floyd rose, even I had an M-100 FM back around 2003-2004 . The new M-103 FM changes the fingerboard to Maple, and the pickup setup like the MH – 53 with One ESP LH-150 humbucker (B) and two LS-120 single-coil pickups (N&M) , the floyd rose special bridge is there, and the body is flamed maple top which is see through black. price is about 34000 BDT(Approx) . You might also consider the M-100 FM which is about 32000 BDT .



If you do not really want to have a floating bridge and love les paul shapes, this is another new model from the EC series.The Guitar is a complete beauty for the price, available colors are Faded Cherry Sunburst, See Thru Black Cherry, and See Thru Black. EC-100QM adds a quilted maple top over its basswood body, Two ESP LH 150 bridge and neck pickup set, has separate volume knobs ,a tone and of course the toggle knob which feels very strong. ESP LTD SAYS “Great for all genres of music from metal through jazz” . The Guitar would cost you about 31000 BDT(Approx) . You can also consider checking out EC -50 and EC-10 for even lower prices.



Your First electric guitar should be very important to you as at this point you will probably emerge into picking up more songs and set up your future plans, decide your type of music  and go for it . Consider posting in the comments section for any queries below.

Special discount :

We have the opportunity for our registered users/readers for special discounts from Golden Music Co & World Music ( Official distributor of ESP LTD Guitars in Bangladesh ) , for that you need to comment which guitar you want to check and buy in the comment section below and show it to the store when you are there.

Note: All ltd budget models are made in Vietnam, indonesia & china, Inspected in USA by Esp Guitars.


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Article by Sazzad Arefeen

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Robin Ali

Really helpful article for beginners !!!

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This is the best guide line for every guitarist for buying their very first electric guitar.

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I want to check and buy LTD M100FM…