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(Starter’s Guide)What Guitar?Where?How much?!

A beginners guide to paradise 🙂

1.How much does it cost to buy an Acoustic Guitar at minimum?

5000 to 7000 taka of the brands- Givson,Sx,Custom,Mr,Axe etc . or just keep rising the money to get better!


2.Where can I buy these guitars?

INSTRUMENT STORES and no where else! For brand new I mean !


Gulshan Area:

Golden Music Company

Rupayan Golden Age,

Ground floor, Shop : 17/A, Road:37,

Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212.


Panthapath,Bashundhara City LEVEL 6 :

  • World Music
  • Sarker Music
  • Golden music
  • Melody and Co
  • Guitar Center


New Elephant Road-Science Lab area:

  •  Melody and Co
  • Shurosree

And more..



Nath & CO

add – Cheragi pahar,chittagong.

Ganesh & CO

add – 98,hajari lane,ctg.


3.Where can I Learn Guitar?

Guitar Never Lies itself is a free learning show with the help of the great website ! Just go to the Free Lessons section of the site.or apply for official school.

If you want Free and direct guidance, just ask a friend who can lead  you who learns guitar near your area!


4.How long does it take to learn GUITAR?

Nine lives or even more! We all are learning always!


5.Hey I live out side of Dhaka, How the hell can I listen to the show when there is no frequency ??

If you are reading this, then you have internet! yey!

Login to !


6. How much does an electric Guitar cost? What is the price of “X” model guitar?Will it be good?

Fastest way is to click on and see gear reviews or post in the comments section below 😛


7.What are the best strings for my guitar?

Best and available ones are Earnie Ball, D’Addario , Dunlop around 500 taka. Go lower, get less quality!

About Sazzad Arefeen

SAZZAD AREFEEN is the guitar player from the band De-illumination, guitar instructor at GuitarNeverLies -The School,official artist of Blackstar amps.

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