1.Basic guitarist:


  • Introducing guitar body parts and how they work.
  • Introduction to notes and chords and their combination.
  • Basic finger stepping patterns.
  • Basic chords and how they are build.
  • Playing rhythms.
  • Pluckings.
  • Basic scales and how they are used.
  • Basic arpeggio shapes.
  • Using scales with fingerings.
  • Composition ideas and composing with above topics.

    Approximate time:6 months (4 classes a month).

2.Advanced guitar player:

If you are familiar with the terms in number 1 you can start:

  • Advanced chords.
  • Advanced scales.
  • Advanced arpeggios.
  • Finger stepping patterns using advanced scales and arpeggios.
  • Modes.
  • Fingering techniques using modes.
  • Pulls,vibrato,bend,slide,harmonics etc.
  • Basic Tapping.
  • Basic harmonizing process.
  • Basics of training your ear(learning to play songs by yourself).
  • Learning songs.
  • Composing guitar solos,pluckings,rhythms using above terms.
  • Composing songs and song pickups.

    Approximate time:6 months (4 classes a month).

3.Playing electric guitar:

And if you are familiar with both of the topics included in number 1 and 2 you can go through:

  • Introducing electric guitar parts.
  • Use of guitar gadgets or processors.
  • Introduction to power chords.
  • Noise controlling methods.
  • Playing rhythms with power chords And distortion .
  • Playing solos with distortion.
  • Fast picking excersices.
  • Legato finger styles.
  • Composing guitar solos,rhythms using distortion.

    Approximate time:6 months (4 classes a month).