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Top 3 Paid Amp Simulators

These are the softwares that I use pretty much on a daily basis. and to me,they keep on beating each other :P.Does not make any sense right?What I mean is, all of them are good in their own speciality.

1.IK Multimedia Amplitube

This thing has tons of amps/cabs and pedals . also has a lot of mics to choose from. It even lets you choose individual speakers of the cab . This is not all, You can place your mic wherever you want to , and also blend in 2 mics at once.


It also offers delays, choruses, reverbs You name it. It has everything! It even lets you load up 3rd party plugins that you have, inside the plugin . So that’s cool right!but the question is , How does it sound  . well here you go . I used Amplitube on all the guitar tracks

Audio Sample :

IK Multimedia Bangladesh official dealer

2.Positive Grid Bias Amp

This one is a lil different from the previous one , It only simulates amps and cabs  , so it has no pedals ( eg: overdrives , Delays etc ) . But this is more than just a simulator, it lets you design your own amp!

Whoa! isn’t that crazy ? 😀

You can choose between various tubes , Transformers , Power amps etc.It has a built in IR loader so if you don’t like the Built in Ir’s you can load one of your own .

Your own original amp with Positive Grid:

Last but not least If you have an amp at home, and you cooked a tone that you like and wanna keep it, You can use the amp match feature of this plugin to match the tone and save it for later usages .Positive grid offers a tone cloud that’s full of User created presets , and even from Pro artists like Ola Englund, Tosin Abasi ! so what else do you want ? oh did I say that its free ??? 😀

Positive grid offers Bias Pedal ( same idea , you design your own pedals ) and Bias Fx, which is the complete one, has amps, pedals, cabs etcs and it integrates with Bias Pedal and Amp, so anything you design on these will also be available in Bias FX .

Enough talk, the real question is,how does it sound in a mix?

you be the judge  . I used Bias on all distorted guitar tracks . ( Rhythm and Solos )



3.Toneforge Ben Bruce 

If you are looking for something that’s simple , easy and sounds good without almost no tweaks , its Toneforge Ben bruce that you need,

It offers a 2 channel amp (clean and High Gain) , 1 cab, 4 pedals,4 microphones , A tuner , an Eq and a Limiter.

Here’s how it sounds in a full mix , I used this on all guitars tracks except the cleans

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Take care, Bye! :

-Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo

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