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I Cannot make my Guitar Tone


There’s a common myth that a lot of people believe in is “Only Expensive gears sound good, and everything else sucks”  which is not true at all ..  Okay! WAIT!

Expensive gears do sound really good , that’s why they are “expensive” but that doesn’t mean non-expensive Guitars  sound bad .


There are ways to improve you Tone.

Know Your Instrument and “YOU”

This means, Try finding out whats best for your particular instrument and Your playing style. eg: What Strings are best, What string gauze feels better , Alignment etc . A better feeling guitar will ultimately make you sound good, Because You will feel good .

And yes Please Clean your instruments regularly ( Something that I regret not doing regularly in the past 🙁 )

Change Strings regularly 

Fresh strings has a huge effect on the tone . If you rub the strings with a soft cloth after every time you play , Strings will last much longer .

You can boil your strings , and yeah they do work.

String gauge

This is very important if you are down tuning your guitar , or You guitar has a Different scale length than standard . So choose wisely.

This will help you stay in tune and privide the necessary tension for the strings

What I use :

E Standard : 8-46/9-46

Standard D# : 9-46 / 8-46

Drop c# : 10-46

Standard c# : 10-48 / 9-52 :3

Drop B : 10-52

Experiment with a few different guages and see which one fits your need,

If you want to sound tight, Play tight

If you are a metal guy, I would suggest , Do not ever pick “softly” (at least when playing Riffs ) . Pick harder . Palm mutes will sound huge .  Also, Clarity is the key here.

Practice to a metronome . and that is a must! . This is will help you get tighter


 By Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo

About TAAwkir Tajammul Nisshobdo

Guitar Player for ShontrasH and The Burning Spirit Audio engineer at Studio Chanachur .

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