1.Payment and attendance process

  • You must have to pay before the 1st day in cash and in full advance , then you can attend the four classes of the month. The same process will go on for the next month. You have to complete the 4 classes for which you have paid for within 30 days from the 1st day of class. Also you may make the payment one at a time for 6 months;1000 tk less will be granted in this case. Note that no discontinuation of classes will be granted in case of one time payments. There is no admission fee. The money is non refundable and nonnegotiable . Refer to Fees page.


  • Classes are taken in one to one process; fixed time for individual students. No batch system is undertaken.


  • Very straight forward, if you are present you are present,if you are absent, its counted as absenct.

5. Instruments

  • Candidates must have their own instruments depending on their guidance type such as:Guitar,processors,amps etc.
  • These must be brought to classes regularly.


  • If u clearly understand the above terms and agree to follow, u can apply online here.
  • Admissions are given depending on the availability of schedule.