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“Are you deaf?”-Patch Volumes and Tones(Part-2)

Introduction Enough with introduction, and time for a change, let us say no intros as I assume you already have read the first part of the Guide here at :http://www.guitarneverlies.com/are-you-deaf-adjusting-patch-volume-and-tonespart-1/ , and so in this part I will go for straight examples of your Digital Multi Fx Unit or Amp or Stomp settings for the following type of Tone/Patch Variations: Clean tone …

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I Cannot make my Guitar Tone

Assalamualaikum There’s a common myth that a lot of people believe in is “Only Expensive gears sound good, and everything else sucks”  which is not true at all ..  Okay! WAIT! Expensive gears do sound really good , that’s why they are “expensive” but that doesn’t mean non-expensive Guitars  sound bad .   There are ways to improve you Tone. …

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