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Blackstar Fly-3,দৌড়ের ওপর ছোট অ্যাম্প!

Blackstar Fly-3 , হা বন্ধুরা ,নামেই ওর পরিচয়, উড়তে উড়তে  বা দৌড়ের ওপর  গীটার বাজাতে চাইলে এর কোন তুলনা না, আর বসে তো বাজানো যাবেই! অনেক চিন্তা ভাবনা করে Blackstar তৈরি করেছে খুবি কম দামে এই ৩ ওয়াট শক্তির ছোট একটি Amp.তবে ছোট বলে একে আমরা যদি পাত্তা না দেই, তাহলেই হবে বেশ বড় ভুল। Fly-3 বের হবার আগে অনেক গুলো …

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Performance Pick-Pack

Greetings, We are happy to announce that we will be giving our gratitude to all current running students who are scoring high on their previous months records of class performances,the gifts will be handed over through the month of November and December. Also who will be admitted new during these 2 months will have the pick – pack 😉 , …

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Blackstar ID:Core stereo 20-Processor in a box

Introduction Seriously, What is the fuzz so big about the Blackstar Id:Core stereo 20? Being an hardass valve amp user for past years, I came to figure out the truth by myself last year, and here is the official review from me about the ID core 20! This would also give you a good idea about the popular Id series …

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BLACKSTAR HT-1:The Little guy

Introduction Blackstar HT-1 Combo, Means a lot in a small box, the most affordable valve amp you could ever find which will sound like the bigger brothers of the series, even beating anything you heard around in the 1 watt world of Valve amps. It has already made it’s own path in the whole world,and it is time we want …

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