Admission for guitar class

আমাদের কোর্সে একেবারেই নতুন থেকে শুরু করে আগে শিখেছ বা Electric Guitar শিখবে,এমন সকলেই ভর্তি হতে পারবে। যার যা কিছু

Sazzad Arefeen

Thursday Guitar Classes will be held on Friday

Dear official students, Thursday(27.7.17) evening guitar classes will be held on Friday at 7 pm at niketon branch only for

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WhatsApp Admission & Student help chat

Dear official students and new students who want to admit to Guitar Never Lies-The School, We have started official WhatsApp

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UNDERCOVER : Classic Cover Songs!

Typically when an artist/band perform a song which was written and perform before by another artist/band, then we call it

Milu Aman

GuitarNeverLies-Total Live at Comilla

We are very happy to announce that GuitarNeverLies-Total live will be taking place at Comilla on 29.1.17 from 6 pm,at

Sazzad Arefeen

A Book of Rock :”ROCK JAATRA” preview

A book of Rock? Yes, exactly what you read on the title, a whole book on Rock, all about Bangladesh

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Friday Uttara classes shifted to Niketon Temporary

Dear all official students, As per as the holy Ijtema is taking place on 13.1.17 Friday and 20.1.17 Friday and

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“Guitar Never Lies” app on Google Play store

We at are proud to present you the latest addition to our services is the “GUITAR NEVER LIES” android

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Stomps to Rock:Dance on Delay(Part-III)

Delay Pedals A delay pedal is a delay pedal, it means being late of what you are playing.Yes,really, practically it

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User Discount-Discount 365

Dear official students and registered users of Guitar Never Lies, We have come to an arrangement to give you year

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