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Gain-Things You should avoid

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters. Here are some things, That you shouldn’t  do to your guitar or to Your tone   Gain Is not a volume knob for amps. So Gain is not a volume knob then what is it? It selects the volume of signal from your guitar going in to your amp. so Do not use it Like a …

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Blackstar ID CORE for Home Recording and audio interface(Guide)

Hello happy blackstar users!Today I’m gonna show you how to use your ID Core amp like an audio interface!! 😀 let’s begin 😀 😀 😀 Things You Will Need: # Blackstar insider app (updated to the latest version) # A DAW (reaper,cubase,mixcraft,logic or anything else) # Your ID Core amp (updated with the latest firmware) don’t forget to update your …

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Blackstar ID:Core stereo 20-Processor in a box

Introduction Seriously, What is the fuzz so big about the Blackstar Id:Core stereo 20? Being an hardass valve amp user for past years, I came to figure out the truth by myself last year, and here is the official review from me about the ID core 20! This would also give you a good idea about the popular Id series …

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