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Stop Complaining! NOW!

I have seen so many guitar players, Beginners especially, Complaining about their instruments: how they would have sounded so good , or could play so good if they had X branded guitar or an X branded amp/Processor etc.


Here’s why :

The instrument you have right now, May not be the best instrument in the world , but it is still an instrument . Try and make it sound good in the first place, This way you will learn how to dial in tones that sounds good, or how to align a truss rod / bridge so the guitar plays better and a lot of other things. just keep trying new things

This will help you to understand the parts of the guitar (eg : bridge , truss rod, saddles,  etc ) and exactly what those things does. and when you know it, You can basically Make it feel and play better which will ultimately result in a better tone .

also you can  then get an expensive instrument and sound even better , because now you are a master at it!

Same goes for Multi Effect processor . You can noodle around with the fx chains and different pedals amps and cabs . and when you finally learned how to dial in a good tone, then you can get Amp+Cab , Pedals Etc .


Another Thing that is Equally as Important as Knowing how to set up gear to sound the best , is Song Writting . if you have a great tone, but your songs are boring, People arent gonna like it anyway. On the other hand, If your Song Writting Skills are crazy, but you have a decent tone, People are gonna like it anyway. and when you have a Great tone, Great songs, its a Win Win situation!

and above all, Practice more and more.

Hope this Helps, Happy Learning!

Check out my other articles if you want to know how to dial in tones, and etcs :p

and Here’s a song recorded using My Ibanez Rg420eg plugged straight in to the interface and that sounds like this

Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo



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