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Stomps Vs Multi Fx-Debate?

The ever going controversial topic world wide keep on going on, Single Stomps or Multi Fx? the number of the users of both of them are huge, and now it is time to have a look for both type of pedals and advantages and disadvantages.

Stomps/Single Pedals




  • Analog stomps are great sounding with no loss of signal,which is more organic.
  • You can select any pedal you want, many companies produce multiple type of overdrives.
  • Possible to power up with batteries or power supply whichever is convenient for you.
  • Set up your signal chain anyway you like, for example you can put a delay even in the start of the chain to create weirdly great space fx!
  • Build your pedal board any way you want.
  • Single pedals are very very easy to adjust on the fly.
  • Take the pedals you need for a specific show , you can select od for a show where you do not need anything else!
  • You can expand your pedals slowly if budget is an issue. Buy one buy one.
  • High Build quality, most of the pedals are made of metal or dye cast or heavy refined plastic.




  • Stomps are expensive.
  • You will need 2 patch cables for each pedal,and really good quality ones,so count yourself.
  • Dedicated power supply needed for more than 6 pedals on board.
  • If you have a bad cable in a gig, you might need some time to fix and find it.
  • You will need to learn to tap dance to change/switch fx if you have many , or have a dedicated channel switcher/looper.
  • Large pedalboards are sometimes heavy to carry and manage.



Multi Fx Units





  • A lots of Fx all together, 100+ is no big deal.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Most of the small multi Fx units are even cheaper than a single or two analog stomps.
  • No extra cost for pedalboard, cables or power supplies.
  • Built in Tuner, even loopers on some.
  • Store your patches.




  • You cannot select the specific individual pedals or fx you want.
  • Difficult to adjust or change settings in Live situations, takes time.
  • Power failure, display failure is a common symptom for many.
  • Not possible to set signal chain right exactly as many as ways you want.
  • Sound quality is not a organic as analog pedals or stomps.
  • Build quality of many units are not up to the mark.




So there is no conclusion to it, you have to know what you need and move accordingly,or you can also combined both single stomps and multi fx, and if you want to debate and find out more, please have the advantage of the user comment section below 🙂


About Sazzad Arefeen

SAZZAD AREFEEN is the guitar player from the band De-illumination, guitar instructor at GuitarNeverLies -The School,official artist of Blackstar amps.

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