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Greetings Stompers,

This installation of the article I will include the usage , importance and other detail of modulation fx, modulations are equally important to your main sound to juice up and enhance tonality of the core guitar sound,so let us get started and enjoy the reading when you want more with your guitar sound.

What is modulation?

I am sure you have heard the names chorus,flanger and phaser-they are vastly used and popular modulation effects.The idea of the modulation effect is The direct analog signal is copied and mixed with the original signal with a variation,giving you an “weirdly good” effect to be used to be precise in my own words. Below are the effect details and I also detail which ones are available in Bangladesh.

Flanger and Phaser

We all heard how A Jet plane sounds right? Exactly that is the idea of making the effect Flanger. Music Radar says: “The flanger is one of the simplest modulation effects. It’s created by mixing two identical signals together, with one of the signals being delayed by a constantly varying period (typically less than 20ms). The result is a sort of whooshing effect as various peaks and valleys are created in the sonic spectrum. Flanging is also known as comb filtering due to the comb-like appearance of this effect.” The legendary Guitar player Eddie Van Halen has used a tons of songs with Flangers and Mxr signature series of his flanger is world famous. Here is a video of the flanger and how it sounds :

The EVH Flanger is available at World Music and golden music in Bangladesh for 17000 Taka,worth for all the great controls over it!

I also Liked the Electro Harmonix Neo Mistress Flanger which I own one.Also Available for more affordable price at 9800 Taka,this is a very small effect in size falls in the nano series of electro harmonix.


Phaser is identical to the Flanger, But it is a bit of reversal order of the shifting of the sound, Like if you mix up to directions of a playback, both forward and backward. The very popular Zakk Wylde use the phaser for very prolonged time . I even have his signature series of Zakk Wylde phase and Used it in my recent album released track at RoktoBaji.The below is the track and Phaser Has been used on the Riff track from 1.15 Min.

The Zakk Wylde Phase ZW90 is available at World Music and golden Music for 10200 Tk ,I have been using this one for long and never left of from my main pedal board!


The name speaks it, chorus means having a lot of voices together, In this case the direct guitar sound has been taken in and split, used it to pitch shift/detune just a small amount which is not out of the note of course and mixed back to the original signal. A chorus makes your guitar sound thick, smoth and sometimes wierdly rumbling if you want to .Here is a good example of MXR ANALOG Chorus in my recent release from the album track Brihospoti,Chorus is used from 22 seconds of the track and onwards.

I have the Mxr Analog chorus and Also The Zakk Wylde Black Label Chorus, They both sound great to me and Available at World Music and Golden Music Co. Black label chorus will cost you about 10800 Tk .

The Electro Harmonix Neo Clone chorus is a legendary thik chorus which is loved by many , available only for 8800 Tk, This one also falls under the nano series and really small and easily fits into any pedalboard!

 Ok I got it, Now how do I patch it?

Exactly, this question will come to your mind and I know that, The fun part is, these effects can be patched in your signal chain in many variations, you can experiment a lot, But let me share you Mine.

  • Guitar>Phaser> Distortion>Chorus>Flanger>Delay>output

You May Also try to find out your sweet spot of the modulation effects, remember the name is MODULATION!



I hope you have the vision now to expand your sound with modulations ,Just remember they can be used to create nice sweet sounds to vastly scary effects to,special effects to make even movie sound tracks, so keep on experimenting to bring out te best results, please leave your comments in below if you have questions 🙂

And yeah,Happy Stomping!

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