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Starter Guide-Fix Your Barre Chords

Barre chords are truly the struggling part of being a new learner,we all struggle at some extent, more or less. But there are a few problems and easier tips which will make sound right faster.

Common problems to face on the start of doing barre chords:

  • No strings might sound,or few will sound.
  • Too much stress on your hand might cause pain.
  • Too much mental stress you just quit trying it.
  • You think you have small fingers, trust me, it is not about the size, it is all about flexibility.

Tips to fix them:

  • Keep your index finger straight, try not to bend it.
  • Do not pressurize it too much.
  • Barre chords are all about a sweet point to hold it. stay in side the frets,not straight over the fret steels.
  • Try playing/picking single strings first,then increase by 1.Example: 1st, 2nd , 1st+2nd, 1st+2nd+3rd and so on.
  • When 2 strings sound right together, you are doing it right,repeat is 50 times.
  • If you are having pain,have a break.
  • Hold your patience and keep trying. because once you learn it,you cannot make it wrong!

Hope that helps, if you have questions, just comment below.

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