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Starter Guide-Fix Your Barre Chords

Barre chords are truly the struggling part of being a new learner,we all struggle at some extent, more or less. But there are a few problems and easier tips which will make sound right faster.

Common problems to face on the start of doing barre chords:

  • No strings might sound,or few will sound.
  • Too much stress on your hand might cause pain.
  • Too much mental stress you just quit trying it.
  • You think you have small fingers, trust me, it is not about the size, it is all about flexibility.

Tips to fix them:

  • Keep your index finger straight, try not to bend it.
  • Do not pressurize it too much.
  • Barre chords are all about a sweet point to hold it. stay in side the frets,not straight over the fret steels.
  • Try playing/picking single strings first,then increase by 1.Example: 1st, 2nd , 1st+2nd, 1st+2nd+3rd and so on.
  • When 2 strings sound right together, you are doing it right,repeat is 50 times.
  • If you are having pain,have a break.
  • Hold your patience and keep trying. because once you learn it,you cannot make it wrong!

Hope that helps, if you have questions, just comment below.

About Sazzad Arefeen

SAZZAD AREFEEN is the guitar player from the band De-illumination, guitar instructor at GuitarNeverLies -The School,official artist of Blackstar amps.

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