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Pedal Board & Amp Signal Chains(Part-1)

Signal chains in pedalboards, Most important and probably the most less thought by the youngsters on how your stomp/pedals should line up. Confusions occur, accidents to-Frustrations arise just for the wrong signal chain or not the chain you want or just the right one broken indeed. So let us get down to business, and see options or models and small explanations on pedal/stomp signal chains,and this version of the guide will give you the setups only to play in front of the Amp using the clean channel.

Things to consider

  • Tuners,Wah pedals,pitch shifters should go to the first of the chain as they require clean and not altered guitar sound.
  • Delays and reverbs most of the times considered to go after distortion or overdrive units.
  • Gates usually go before or after overdrive or distortion pedals, not after delays or reverbs.


This is a very basic and straight forward setup which you will connect to the Clean channel of the amp.




Gives you the control with additional wah and volume pedals,Skips and equalizer,in this case you have to use the amps clean channel Eq.

Guitar>Compressor>Wah>Distortion/Overdrive>Chorus>Tremolo>Volume Pedal>Delay>Reverb>Amp


Confused you can or cannot use Multiple Over drive and distortion or High gain pedals? You can.

Guitar>Tuner>Volume>Wah>Od>High gain Distortion>Even Higher gained distortion pedal like the Mxr Fullbore Metal > Reverb>Delay>Amp

You can Control your Distortion Gain instead of your guitar volume Knob getting loose 😛 -With The Volume Pedal just in the start.Although You can always put your Volume pedal wherever you want.


When You are using a lot of high gain pedals,it is natural your distortion pedals creating noise while you are not playing, for that You need a noise gate or a noise suppressor, like of these..

Using a noise gate rather than a noise suppressor can be very different a bit tricky too,as they work in different mechanism.so I divide them to the following scenarios with example:

Scenario-1:If you are using just a Noise gate

Guitar>Tuner>Wah>Od>High gain Distortion>Noise Gate>Chorus> Reverb>Delay>Amp

Scenario-2:If you are using a noise suppressor

Guitar>Tuner>Wah>Noise suppressor Send>Od>High gain Distortion>Return Noise suppressor>Noise suppressor output >Chorus> Reverb>Delay>Amp

The Noise suppressor has been made to cut of a lot of high gain pedal noise in a separate loop inside the send return method.



In the next part I will write about chains using guitar amps and fx loops,till then, like it is always been said, you can always experiment altering your signal chain.

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