SHONTRASH Released ” চমৎকার!ধরা যাক দু-একটা ইঁদুর এবার”

SHONTRASH Released ” চমৎকার!ধরা যাক দু-একটা ইঁদুর এবার”

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You Must be very surprised with the title and both the bands name, yes I was surprised at the first time I heard the band name SHONTRASH , and now their 2nd album title strikes me again. The band challenging with their band name, that is taking out all terror with their power of creation – Music. The band Genre falls under power/progressive metal and I will go for a deeper review of it later on,for now you guys check out the album on the following links and grab your copy .All I can say The previews of the tracks amazed me.

here’s a preview of the whole album





Lineup and album details:


  • Vocals : Nur
  • background Vocals : TTN
  • Guitars : নূরমোহাম্মদ ইদ্রীস​ Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo​
  • Bass : Rakib Mahmud Ovee​
  • Programming : TTN
  • Mix Mastering and production : Studio Chanachur
  • Album Art : Nur

Official Website :

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