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ShontrasH Guitar Tones – Rhythm

My band just released an album this 26th march , called Chomotkaar! Dhora jak du ekta Eedur ebar , Which i mixed and Mastered and Recorded. So I thought it would be cool to share with you guys how I got the Distorted Rhythm tone on the album .if you haven’t heard it yet , head over to . also check out the article from the Master himself

  • I do not have any amps, however I have a couple of amp simulators which are pretty damn good.
  • I used BIAS amp for the Rhythm Tones .
  • All of the rhythm guitars were double tracked (one left one right) through a Focusrite scarlett 2i4 with a Ibanez RG420eg with some fresh new strings , Tuned to c# standard .

The TONE :

TSE 808

90% of the time Simulated amps do not sound good without a boost , And the amp I used, was pretty flabby in the lows so adding some highs with the tone knob helps to get rid of that, and adds some nice pick attack. ( this OD is based on the Famous Maxon od808 )

Boosting an amp with this kind of setting on an OD also reduces the Low end and makes it tight. so if you want Bigger lows you may have to play around with the tone setting . I like having  just enough to sound fat and big and let the bass fill out the lows.

also I am adding a little bit of clean boost , which means no distortion, just a Volume boost .


Bias AMP

These are the amps setting , the one thing That I like about this amp sim is that you can actually modify the parts of an amp to get exactly the sound you want . also it is very easy to get lost and just tweaking it to death and still getting no usable tone out of it 😛

heres what i did..

I decreased some lows just before the distortion stage which helped to get rid of the flabbyness also added a little bit of high shelf which added some nice high end sizzle to the tone .


   The CAB 

The cab that was primarily selected for the amp was pretty dark (means lack of good highs ) . so I selected the Jazz Clean 2×12 model. (this is a pretty good example of listening with your ears not eyes . Just because it has clean in the name doesn’t mean it can only be used with clean tones 😛 )

Miked up with an sm57, pointed right at the center .

Processing on the Guitar BUS:

 I did some filtering and some notches(cuts) to get rid of the nasty frequencies with Reaeq

and then added this Neve EQ from Slate, to add some nice high shelf   and attenuate just a little of the high mids around 3.3k

That is all. 🙂 Thanks for reading , hope this article helps, and if it does, dont forget to share it with your friends.

-Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo .

About TAAwkir Tajammul Nisshobdo

Guitar Player for ShontrasH and The Burning Spirit Audio engineer at Studio Chanachur .

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