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Artist Gears:Setu Chowdhury (VIKINGS)

Setu Chowdhury, The name has been rocking Bangladesh for quite sometime with Rock Music industry, VIKINGS- the only band he has played for more than 2 decades . He is well known for his great sound with use of simple gears on live and recordings, here is his full list of guitars and fx used all the way since 1991!

Name – Setu Chowdhury

Playing since – 1991

Bands worked with – VIKINGS (founder)

Recording Guitars used till  present 

  • Epiphone FR (made by gibson usa, late 80’s or early 90’s model, can’t remember)
  •  Fender Startocaster (mexican made)
  • Ibanez S (custom made)
  •  Fernandez Revolver Pro 81 snow white

  •  Music Man JP6 (mystic dream, piezo)

  •  Ovation Acoustic (mid 90s model)
  •  Yamaha APX series * Fender (tim armstrong)

Recording FX used till present

  • Boss MT-2

  •  Digitech RP6

  •  Korg ax1000g

  •  Line 6 Pod 2.0

  • Line 6 HD 400

  • Digitech GSP1101

Live Guitars used till present 

  • Music Man JP6 (mystic dream, piezo)

  •  Epiphone FR
  • Ibanez S
  •  Fernandez Revolver Pro 81
  • Yamaha APX series
  •  Fender (tim armstrong)

LIVE fx used till present

  • Boss ME-8
  •  Korg ax1000g
  •  Line 6 HD 400
  • Digitech GSP1101


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