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Schecter Guitars-The Sun Valley Super Shredder FR Series-Overload to the shredders world!

Titled after the Guitar giant manufacturers homeland Sun Valley, CA , they makes their debut to the super shredder series in very recent and present years.”Sun Valley Super Shredder” sounds as wild as their title. These guitars are made after the 80’s design, adding the glory of present world design which has also a modern feel and design to engage the shredders on their job! And surely the series caught the eyes of the world very fast as I expected.A beginner or a pro, all would just love the series once you try it!

The Sun Valley Super Shredder has lots of variants such as the Left hand , floyd rose version and also the Sustainiac® variant. I will keep you busy checking out the variants for yourself , but Let me hold up the Sun Valley Super Shredder FR-S version and the all new Sun Valley Super Shredder III FR.

Sun Valley Super Shredder FR-S


67000 tk

Points to catch your eyes:

  • The First will be the price point, a maple Fret board with a sustainiac on mid range price of 67000 BDT!(approx)
  • Floyd Rose Special ‘Hot Rod’ Locking Tremolo only made for schecter guitars exclusively!
  • EMG Retro Active Hot 70 on Bridge with The Sustainiac on neck – Dual battery dude!
  • Thin C type fret to shredd all the way you want on the maple fret up to the 24th..
  • 2-Way Adjustable Rod w/ Heel Access Spoke Wheel
  • Classic body and head stock look!

See more variants here.

Sun Valley Super Shredder III

67000 BDT

Points and differences to Catch your eyes:

  • Ebony Fret board on such a low price end!
  • Floyd Rose 1500 Series – The latest bridge which is too cool to dive bomb or hard vibratos or what you want to shredd!
  • 3 pickups with EMG Retro Active Hot 70 on bridge-EMG Retro Active Single Coil middle-EMG Retro Active Single Coil
  • The 5 way selector gives you a large variety of tones with those emgs on board!
  • Thin ‘C’ neck enough with maple to shredd on it..
  • A more modern body with classic head stock.
  • Quilted Maple top .

Find more variants here.


As Schecter wanted them to be,if you are a 80’s guy and want to shredd anything up till date, and you like the looks, just go grab one,you wont regret it!

All Schecter Guitars Sun Valley super shredder authentic guitars are now available at World Music and Golden Music Co in Bangladesh.

The overview was written by Sazzad Arefeen, Official artist of Schecter guitars from Bangladesh.

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