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Starter Guide-Fix Your Barre Chords

Starter Guide-Fix Your Barre Chords

access_time September 11, 2017

Barre chords are truly the struggling part of being a new learner,we all struggle at some extent, more or less.



access_time December 8, 2016

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ALBUM REVIEW: “Boddho Manob” by Meta-Voyage

ALBUM REVIEW: “Boddho Manob” by Meta-Voyage

access_time May 24, 2018

“Boddho Manob” has a brand new fresh sound. It has released on 2016. It’s the debut album of Rock band

Schecter Guitars price list

Schecter Guitars price list

Schecter Guitars price list

access_time February 15, 2019

Here is a very special price list for Guitar Never Lies students and registered users of guitar never lies web blog from February 2018 until stock lasts at World Music-Bashundhara shopping mall,Dhaka exclusively!

For the Fans and students of Sazzad Arefeen- Official Artist of Schecter Guitars!

Blackjack A-6 FR Sustainiac  – TK 80,000

Damien Elite 6FR – TK 52,000

Synyster Gates Custom S – TK 90,000

Blackjack ATX C1 FR- TK 68,000

Banshee 6 FR Passive – TK 64,000

Banshee 6 FR Active – TK 64,000

Hellraiser C-1 FR –  TK 70,000

Jeff Loomis 6 FR – TK 76,000

Synyster Gates Standard – TK 62,000

Demon S II – 38,000

Cygnus JLX-1 FR – TK 87,000

Jerry Horton Sig Series – TK 60,000

Blackjack SLS Solo A FR – TK 76,000

Hellraiser Speacial FR –  65,000

Tommy Victor FR – TK 70,000

Jeff Loomis JLV – 6 FR – TK 88,000

Blackjack A-6 FR – 68,000

Banshee Elite 6 FRS –TK  88,000

V-1 Platinum – TK 55,000

Stiletto Custom 4 – TK 50,000

Stiletto Extreme 4 –TK 43,000

Model – T Session – TK 46,000

PT BLK – TK 40,000

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