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ROCK JAATRA-Practice pad & Studio to look out at Kalabagan!

Milu Aman, Writer , Music journalist and producer of Various Hit Rock radio programs, after releasing his blockbuster Book Rock Jaatra, has ventured into his long time passion of having a pad and studio at Dhaka’s Kalabagan 1st lane of Dhanmondi.A business when it starts from passion always holds the flavor of quality and feel,and this is the pad all musicians can look forward to.The decorations and sound proof materials are implemented very carefully,has a pleasant flavor all around.In addition to the drums,you get a guitar amp and bass amp too,and the starting rates of the pad booking is very very convenient for all.And we have an special offer for official students and registered users of Guitar Never Lies,here is the full detail of the pad below:

Shift charges:

Special offer only for the month of October

Official students of Guitar Never Lies or registered users of the website will have a FREE RECORDING of their practice sessions.

To avail the offer fill up the following form below and do call for your booking 🙂

Login here!

Address and booking:

  • For booking Dial Milu Aman: 01715958875
  • Rowshan Aman,31 Kalabagan, 1st Lane, Dhaka 1205



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