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Top 5 Reasons to buy an Guitar Amp before pedals/Fx

Don’t be confused, there are very good reasons indeed 100 reasons to buy a playable/good guitar amp before getting a processor or pedals,so I go straight to my 5 points right below.


People buy fx and end up playing on their pc speakers,broken speakers, cheap 500 bucks headphones, and they get tired very soon and get fooled with the false sound. So rather buying fx earlier, get an amp to sound your fx units right and your guitar. Because guitar amps are specially designed to work only with your guitar stuff!


Most of the modern amps has exactly the fx built in, all you really need to play like distortion,chorus,delay,reverb etc. For the start up, you can definitely go for an amp with all the fx such as the Blackstar ID core series . And you can also have additional footswitch to switch and store tones!



Money matters,Get a multi fx or pedal for 20000 taka? Buy an ID CORE or anything like with less amount , you have a speaker , loud sound and fx units ! VOILA!


Hell yeah! A loud amp is good for practicing skill which has madness, those pc speakers will crack up for sure soon, and if you just have a 15 or 20 watt amp, you will love it for the sound and the fx. You can even use your amp on stage with a mic for small gigs too!


That’s it, you save your energy rather than carrying your guitar,a processor or fx and an amp. you never know what amp will there be on stage and how it will sound, if you have your own amp,you know your sound! And hey it does not matter even if it is a small one!


Now you judge, and check out if I am wrong,and feel free to leave your comment below for pros and cons. and Hey! You can always add fx later as much or many you want.

Sazzad Arefeen’ Blackstars

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