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Mix Instantly with The Pink Noise

Are you a lazy guy like me ? Or want to balance your mix as fast as possible ? Well,this blog is for you brother ! ! ! 😀

After reading the title,maybe you are thinking like this,”What ! ! ! You will use noise for balancing mix? Are you crazy ?” :p
nah bro,I am not crazy at all :p We can use “Pink” noise to balance our mix…but how? Don’t worry, I will show you how 😀

What Is Pink Noise ? 

Random noise having equal energy per octave, and so having more low-frequency components than white noise (from google)

Hate definition? me too :p that’s why I have added a pink noise sample below, give it a listen 😀

The download option is open for the sample,download it and keep it in a folder as we will need it later 🙂

Or download it from here :

Why We Will Use The Pink Noise To Balance Our Mix : 

I have taken a snapshot of our pink noise sample,Let’s see the EQ curve for our pink noise sample 🙂



I have taken a snapshot from a perfectly balanced mix,let’s see that too 🙂

see? it’s curves are almost same as the pink noise sample.You will see some difference here and there and a gradual slope at the high end region,it’s because that song was changing constantly and the slope is for EQ usage,which was used to eliminate the hissing noise from the mix..But don’t worry,we don’t need our noise sample to be that much perfect.Because we will use the sample only as a reference track to compare between our mix and the noise sample 🙂

So Here Is The Trick ,as this sample has almost the same curve as a perfectly balanced mix ( or you can say a ‘healthy mix’ ) , we can use it as a reference track for balancing our mix 😉 pretty simple concept,hmm?? 🙂

How We Will Use Pink Noise To Balance Our Mix :

Well,it’s not rocket science at all .Too easy to use.We can balance anything using our noise sample.What we will do is just “compare”.  🙂

first of all,open your project in your DAW.Select anything (guitar,bass,vocals,drums : kick,snare,toms,hi hat or anything else) from your project,then solo it.Create a new track and insert the pink noise sample in it and solo this track too,no need to bother with the fader,leave it how it was.Move the sample to the correct position where you have your selected item’s output.Hit play and listen.what I do is,I push my selected track’s fader all the way up to hear my selected track’s output over the noise sample,then I slowly decrease it until I can barely hear my track over the sample,or think that both of them are at the same level or tiny low from the sample.If that satisfies me,I disable the solo option for my selected item and move to a new one,Then I again compare that item with my noise sample again.So,what you have to do is just compare between your selected item and the sample 🙂 After performing the same process with all of your mix’s items,mute your noise sample,disable solo option,hit play and see the magic 😀 We have got almost a perfectly balanced mix just using our trick 😀 😀 And I can assure you, It Is way much better than your rough mixes which you got from hours of tweaking :v :v :v

Things To Look At : Do not solo more than one item when using this trick..Like,guitar and bass at the same time..Always remember,just solo one item and the sample at one time..Otherwise,you won’t get a perfect balance in your mix.

Now,maybe some of you are thinking if we could apply this trick on other genres like pop or hip hop.Well,I am not that much sure,cz I’ve only mixed metal songs with this trick,never tried that types of genre..But when we are talking about balance and level,it doesn’t matter that much which genre you are from or what instrument you are playing,It’s all about ‘balancing’…So I think this trick will also work with the other genres 🙂 And you may find some problems like,snare is little bit high or vocals are low etc etc.That’s because every song is different from each other.That’s why after applying this trick,don’t forget to give some tweak from your own taste too.Use decent headphones to get the best result..And never forget that ‘it’s a trick’,it won’t give you that super perfection,so use your ears too to make your mix perfect 🙂

If you think my blog needs improvement,let me know…I will update it 🙂 Or if you have any types of question or confusion,let me know that too.Just comment below,I will try my best to give you the solution 🙂



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