Wednesday , 29 January 2020

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ESP LTD M-400M Natural Satin:The new M in the series

32sharesFacebookTwitterGoogle+Emerging competition has been followed in the recent year on making natural finished body tops over major Guitar Manufacturers over the world in recent years, and esp ltd takes the advantage to move forward on it with it with their striking M400 all over past decade with a natural finish body top titled as M-400M . It has already caught …

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Analog & Digital Audio-Know the difference

56sharesFacebookTwitterGoogle+A very basic topic but we sometimes miss out what does it mean at all? There has been an ongoing debate on analog and digital gears over years or even centuries , but let us know what they are first,your long awaited and requested article. DIGITAL A digital signal means 1 0 1 0 1  0 1 0 – Binary …

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Chapman Guitars Arriving in October 2018

97sharesFacebookTwitterGoogle+Chapman Guitars is a guitar company established in 2009 by Rob Chapman, a guitarist best known for his videos on YouTube. Lee Anderton of Andertons Music instrument store is also a director along with Matt Hornby. And we are happy to inform you that World Music is the official dealer of Chapman Guitars in Bangladesh . The guitars they make …

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Blackstar Fly-3 Bluetooth:Fly more with your phone!

33sharesFacebookTwitterGoogle+Retaining the same great quality and sound from the original Fly-3 , Which was one of the best sellers of recent times, Blackstar has made a bluetooth version of the amp. Now you can listen to all your music or practice with your tracks with simply connecting the bluetooth from your phone. Apart from that it has the digital tape …

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Blackstar amps price list 2018 for GuitarNeverLies

10sharesFacebookTwitterGoogle+The all new Fly 3 blue tooth , Unity bass , Id core V2 are now available right here in Bangladesh, please see below of pictures with prices, and yes, registered users of Guitar Never Lies will get special discounts from World Music and golden Music company 🙂 LT Boost Pedal=6800/- LT Dist Pedal=7500/- LT Metal Pedal=7500/- HT-1R Combo=24000/- HT-408 …

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Blackstar LT-Echo amps:When small is better!

50sharesFacebookTwitterGoogle+Blackstar has been there with their concentration on low wattage practice amp to no matter how high wattage valve amps you want, and the LT-Echo are the latest amazing additions to the small practice amp range. Dedicated and made for people who just wants to plug and practice or listen to music or practice with music with 1 single amp. …

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