This course is effective for everyone who just wants to play acoustic guitars,possible to cover or make songs and pickups solos in acoustic guitars.


  • Admission Fee: Tk 400 / =
  • Every months enrolment : Tk 1199 /=


  • Major and Minor Scales and applications
  • Pentatonic Scales and applications
  • Basic arpeggio shapes.
  • Using scales with fingerings.
  • Time signatures and sub divisions.
  • Advanced chords(7th,6th,Suspended,Added 9th)
  • Advanced scales(Harmonic)
  • Advanced arpeggios(7th,6th,Suspended,Added 9th)
  • Serialized exercises using advanced scales and arpeggios.
  • Circle of 5ths-Basics of chord relations.
  • Hammer ons,Pulls,vibrato,bend,slide,harmonics etc.
  • Composition and song pickups based on the above topics.

Approximate time:12 months (4 classes a month).

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