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Nonta Biscuit’s Debut “Tor i Shohorey…”

Introduction & Post Production

Nonta Biscuit-The Band delivers their first biscuit “Tor i Shohorey”, launched the album on 3rd february,2017 . Well I will start rather from a non conventional review of the album where every album ends, the post production. Beautiful album artwork by Palash Shakil, A cartoon style album inlay all around but not so cartoonish at the same time, the quite night colors gives you the same calm feel when you will start listening the album. The Sound quality is very very standard, The band takes advantage of having their own studio which was earlier established by Mahaan Fahim Named as WoodStation, and they take the advantage of experience doing lot of production works previously their. The acoustic guitar, Percussions, bass blend very well , so does the drums. And you would love the sound of Harmonica occasionally in the album.

The Whole Disc and inlay.

The Tracks

The Album contains 8 tracks, I would again comment on the last track which is a cover song, The legendary Fakir Lalon Shai’s “SHOHOJ MANUSH”, well the vocalist ISHTIAQUE has delivered his best on it which he is specialized on. On the other side, the rest 7 tracks starting from 1 is modern sounding contemporary , touches a bit of Folk and on Track 7 -“Olosh Prohohor” is a bit of polished pop rock with electric guitars on it. And from track 1 to 6 , you would find the domination of Mahaan Fahim’s wonderful acoustic guitar playing with fingerstyle. Tor i shohor, poradhin , opurnota ,tumi mukhosh has very strong lyrics, every one of them has a message for you if you go in depth. It is hard to find lyrics like that in easy words sending deep messages. Besides that, Basses are very clean and well composed. To my ears the album gets a bit monotonous in the track numbers of 4-5-6 while you listen to album from the start, but I could not expect better in 3 months album production timeline!¬†And I would rate the full album a 8/10 .

The Titles

The Band name “Nonta Biscuit” is very eye catching and interesting to brand, but as the way songs are composed, they do not really relate to the band name in my opinion,The songs are very easy listening and soothing and general listener target, though this is just an personal opinion, the Band must have thought more about the Names.

Album Discs and Digital format

Aaajob Records has brought out the audio discs and digital format is produced by MeLabel,You will get them via the following links:

Official website:http://www.nontabiskut.com/


  • Ishtiaque (Vocals, Guitars)
  • Mahaan (Guitars, Ukulele, Mouth Organ)
  • Niloy (Bass)
  • Monir (Cajon, Drums)

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