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Non Druggy & Musicians who quit addiction

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It is very normal that musicians get exposed too much when they are on to bad habits,it is very simple when you see your idols go wrong, you tend to follow their trend. It can be their simple sunglasses, wrist band or the T-Shirt or even drugs. But What we miss out is, an engineer,business man, a mechanic or anyone may have the habits of drugs, but they just don’t get the exposure naturally.But the main point is, it is their personal reasons and waypath of life to choose that path of sin-Killing yourself slowly. And, for me , Music has nothing to do with my habits, and there are lots of musicians all around the world sharing the same thoughts, here are some facts of the musicians who never used drugs,or quit after severe abuse.

Top 15 Non Druggy Musicians

Angus Young
Second best selling album of all time and one of the most important band’s ever; AC/DC mainman did it all without chemicals

(Source: pinterest.com

Steve Albini
With music that concise drugs would be a definite hindrance.

Poly Styrene
One of the best lyric writers of the punk era, her amazing imagination was untouched by drugs. God bless.

Ian Mackaye
Famously invented Straight Edge and also recorded some great psychedelic records with late period Fugazi.

Ravi Shankar
Went really out there musically and a genuine master. No drugs.

Ian Anderson
First Jethro Tull album is brilliant, like a British Captain Beefheart.

Bruce Springsteen

Drug free producer of big anthems.

More like a glammed up supermarket than a band, Kiss didn’t take drugs.

J Mascis
May look like a wizard but was never a drug fiend.

Adam Ant

Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do? Well, made arguably the most original album of the punk period that’s as sow word that it should have been done on drugs.

Anti rock n roll Moz didn’t need drugs to open up his amazing imagination.

Frank Zappa
Famously anti drug and loved by pot smokers world wide

(Source: trendbait.com)

John Mclaughlin

Like Zappa, no drugs but loved by drug heads…

Ted Nugent

Maybe the true inventor of Straight Edge, unpleasant man who had a brief period of rocking greatness.

Henry Rollins

No drugs here either and who’s going to argue?


Glam horror punks with total tattoos and top 5 american album also no drugs.

Rage Against The Machine

Concise powerful music needs concise powerful minds.

Reference: http://louderthanwar.com/non-druggy-musicians/

The Coolest Musicians that Don’t Drink or Get High Anymore

Elton John

elton john
Image via http://abcnewsradioonline.com

Is anyone cooler than this suave singer/songwriter? The man who brought us “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and “Tiny Dancer” used to party harder than most of us can ever imagine. His DOC (drug of choice) was cocaine and this man probably blew more cocaine than, well you get it. With years sober under his belt his is continuing to be a driving force in the sober movement.

Eric Clapton

eric clapton
image via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Clapton

Who would’ve ever thought that the man who made the classic rock hit “Cocaine” famous would’ve had a problem with drugs?  He says his big down fall wasn’t found in cocaine but with heroin and alcohol. This rock legend has been sober since 1987 and has even opened up some halfway houses.

Ringo Star

ringo star
image via http://krutopridumal.ru/music/ringo_starr

The legendary drummer from The Beatles got sober in the 1980’s. After riding the Yellow Submarine through rivers of alcohol the musician called it quits after not being able to recall too much from the 1970’s.

Calvin Harris

calvin harris
image via http://radio.com

Believe it or not this soon to be legendary EDM god doesn’t get crazy like his crowds. Since 2009 the Scottish DJ and Producer has been away from the bottle.

David Bowie

david bowie
image via http://www.mtv.com/artists/david-bowie/

A big fan of funky hair, make-up, alcohol and drugs.  This immortal man was a bit of a late bloomer who put it all down in his 50’s.

Anthony Kiedis

anthony koedis
image via http://noisecreep.com

I’m sure many of us have read his brutal autobiography about his years living with heroin addiction. The Red Hot Chili Peppers front man was in and out of treatment centers throughout his 10+ years of heroin addiction. He is now clean and sober and still a rock god.

James Hetfield

james hetfield
image via http://loudwire.com/metallica-james-hetfield-no-reason-for-us-to-stop/

Can any rock list be complete without the almighty front man of Metallica? After suffering with both addiction and heavy alcoholism, Hetfield got sober in 2001 and has been clean ever since.

Tom Waits

tom waits
image via http://www.riffraf.net/2014/05/top-5-tom-waits-albums/

This howling, growling badass got sober with the help of his wife, it’s been over 20 years since he’s altered his mind or body with drugs or alcohol. I don’t know if you’ve seen “Wrist Cutters a Love Story” or “Seven Psychopaths” but his acting career is almost as cool as his musical career.

Ozzy Osborne

ozzy ozbourne

You have to be pretty drunk or high to think biting the head off a bat is a normal or acceptable thing to do. With over 40 years of non-stop heavy use, the front man of Black Sabbath is now clean and somehow still alive.

Trent Reznor

trent reznor
image via http://music-mix.ew.com

A career spanning almost three decades has been littered with publicized heroin addiction. The creative force behind NIN has been clean for some time now and has helped give us some of the best soundtracks in modern cinema.

Reference: https://sobernation.com/the-coolest-musicians-that-dont-drink-or-get-high-anymore/

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