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Non Druggy & Musicians who quit addiction

It is very normal that musicians get exposed too much when they are on to bad habits,it is very simple when you see your idols go wrong, you tend to follow their trend. It can be their simple sunglasses, wrist band or the T-Shirt or even drugs. But What we miss out is, an engineer,business man, a mechanic or anyone may have the habits of drugs, but they just don’t get the exposure naturally.But the main point is, it is their personal reasons and waypath of life to choose that path of sin-Killing yourself slowly. And, for me , Music has nothing to do with my habits, and there are lots of musicians all around the world sharing the same thoughts, here are some facts of the musicians who never used drugs,or quit after severe abuse.

Top 15 Non Druggy Musicians

Angus Young
Second best selling album of all time and one of the most important band’s ever; AC/DC mainman did it all without chemicals

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