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This piece of gear is a tiny little beast. I like the fact that you can actually build you own signal chain .

You have got amps, cabs, pedals eqs and all kinds of crazy effects as well!

You have 5 blocks to build your own chain , meaning you load 5 effects at the same time, and arrange them in any order as you like .

This has some other cool features like USB, AUX in . but the question is, How does it actually sound! 

I made a video a few months back using that pedal

I used a quarter inch to 8th inch adapter/converter and a stereo cable to plug it in directly in to the back of the pc (line in) . which doesn’t sound very ideal , but i wanted to see if i could cook some heavy stuff out of this signal chain.

You be the judge :


so what did you think? Sounds heavy? ( full song : https://soundcloud.com/tawkirtajammulnisshobdo/paralysis )

The patch I used for this demo :

Block 1 :
Noise gate: Thresh : 10 Level 100
Block 2 :
Booster: Gain 2 Tone 50 Level 150
Block 3 :
Gain 64
Tube 90
Level 80
Trebl 50
Middl 50
Bass 51
Presence 51
Cab : Revo 4×12
Out : Line
TIP : adjust the noise gate threshold to your liking , and change the “Out” if you are plugging it into an amp .
Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo

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  • Neiyein JG Gogoi

    is it possible to rcord with g1on directl in pc with a recrding softwre withan any audio interface ?
    cos i have zoom g2.1nu and it can do like tat dirctly without an audio interface plz help

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