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“Music Buzz” Guitarists Special Episode-Ekattor Tv

27th sep,2013

It was a heavy rainy morning , I was gloomed with sorrow, my Father just passed away 2 weeks back on 15th sep,2013 , Oni Hasan Called me up in the morning -” Bhaia,I am coming up to pick you ” . Ekattor Tv – Music Buzz team delayed the show 3 weeks on a row for me and my loss, I could not refuse attending, and it felt like true brothers were there in the show, sharing the same feelings I share. Before the show Kamal bhai said, ” That is how it goes bro ” , after the show Bacchu bhai said ” I lost my dad way way back, and mom too ” .It was great of them to venture into my feelings and share theirs too. The show was great, it would give you all a great aspects of guitar players of Bangladesh, and how to do things right-just right. All credit goes to Ekattor Television “Music Buzz” team.

The Video is right below:


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