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Mahaan Fahim’s all Acoustic Rig

I met Mahaan few years back while we invited him to an special episode of Guitar Never Lies-The Radio show, in recent times I found he is one of the coolest fingerstyle acoustic guitar players, plus who thinks about his sound. Mahaan already has an instrumental album released and recently formed a band named as “NONTA BISCUIT” who just did their debut. Recently I had a talk with him and below is his present rig.

Photo by Rajeev

Live Setup


Mahaan has a bit of different setup for live and studio, but the guitar remain almost the same as:

Acoustic Guitars –  


Lakewood M 32 Custom


  • Specification
  • Top – European AAA Spruce
  • Back & Side – Indian Rosewood
  • Fret Board – Ebony
  • Strings .13 Gauge Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • Neck Widht – 48 MM
  • Pickup System – LR. Baggs Anthem Pickup.


  • Lakewood M 14 CP

      • Top – Cedar
      • Back & Side – Mahogany
      • Finger Board – Ebony

    FX Pedal as per Patching / Signal chain


  • Fishman Aura – Sampler/ Pre AMP with Compressor (Always on)
  • BOSS EQ (Always on)
  • Ditto Looper
  • MXR Black Label Chorus (Always of)
  • BOSS DD 7 Delay (Occasionally on)
  • BOSS RV 5 Reverb (Always on)


Power Supplier & Patching Cables

  • Decibel 11 Power Supplier
  • Patching Cables – Lava Cables and hand Made Cables
  • All set on Diago Pedalboard.



Carvin ADG 100 Acoustic Guitar AMP.

Mahaan adds


I usually use reverb pedal in every song.Chorus Pedal is just for separating the channel Mono to Stereo. I don’t use it as an effects.Used Delay pedal for a song called Lost in the land of wonder.

Studio Recording Setup 




  • NEUMANM KM 184

    • Pre AMP

      • Focusrite ISA One Pre AMP
        • K & K Pure Mini Pre – AMP
        • Fishman Aura
          • Effect Pedals

Boss DD 7 Delay

Audio Interface

  • Apollo Twin Duo Audio Interface
  • Apogee Duet Audio Interface

Facebook Page- www.facebook.com/mahaanw6s

Web – www.mahaanfahim.com

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnTntC9qWtfGvSTin2U88g

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