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Schecter Guitars & Bass -April 2018 Bangladesh

Schecter Guitars & Bass -April 2018 Bangladesh

access_time April 22, 2018

Here is the full list of new Schecter guitars Available from april 2018 in Dhaka , Bangladesh. Available at World

Artist Intro:Johannes Maria Knoll from Austria

Artist Intro:Johannes Maria Knoll from Austria

access_time July 3, 2017

Johannes Maria Knoll , 42 years old guitar player from Austria, who has been working with many international artists and

(Notice)Friday Guitar Classes Re-Scheduled to Uttara

(Notice)Friday Guitar Classes Re-Scheduled to Uttara

access_time August 13, 2016

বর্তমান সকল ছাত্রদের আগ্রহ এবং নতুন Admission নেয়া ছাত্রদের সুবিধা এবং Request বিবেচনা করে আমরা এখন থেকে শুক্রবারের সব ক্লাস

Mahaan Fahim’s all Acoustic Rig

Mahaan Fahim’s all Acoustic Rig

Mahaan Fahim’s all Acoustic Rig

access_time March 11, 2017

I met Mahaan few years back while we invited him to an special episode of Guitar Never Lies-The Radio show, in recent times I found he is one of the coolest fingerstyle acoustic guitar players, plus who thinks about his sound. Mahaan already has an instrumental album released and recently formed a band named as “NONTA BISCUIT” who just did their debut. Recently I had a talk with him and below is his present rig.

Photo by Rajeev

Live Setup


Mahaan has a bit of different setup for live and studio, but the guitar remain almost the same as:

Acoustic Guitars –  


Lakewood M 32 Custom


  • Specification
  • Top – European AAA Spruce
  • Back & Side – Indian Rosewood
  • Fret Board – Ebony
  • Strings .13 Gauge Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • Neck Widht – 48 MM
  • Pickup System – LR. Baggs Anthem Pickup.


  • Lakewood M 14 CP

      • Top – Cedar
      • Back & Side – Mahogany
      • Finger Board – Ebony

    FX Pedal as per Patching / Signal chain


  • Fishman Aura – Sampler/ Pre AMP with Compressor (Always on)
  • BOSS EQ (Always on)
  • Ditto Looper
  • MXR Black Label Chorus (Always of)
  • BOSS DD 7 Delay (Occasionally on)
  • BOSS RV 5 Reverb (Always on)


Power Supplier & Patching Cables

  • Decibel 11 Power Supplier
  • Patching Cables – Lava Cables and hand Made Cables
  • All set on Diago Pedalboard.



Carvin ADG 100 Acoustic Guitar AMP.

Mahaan adds


I usually use reverb pedal in every song.Chorus Pedal is just for separating the channel Mono to Stereo. I don’t use it as an effects.Used Delay pedal for a song called Lost in the land of wonder.

Studio Recording Setup 




  • NEUMANM KM 184

    • Pre AMP

      • Focusrite ISA One Pre AMP
        • K & K Pure Mini Pre – AMP
        • Fishman Aura
          • Effect Pedals

Boss DD 7 Delay

Audio Interface

  • Apollo Twin Duo Audio Interface
  • Apogee Duet Audio Interface

Facebook Page- www.facebook.com/mahaanw6s

Web – www.mahaanfahim.com

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnTntC9qWtfGvSTin2U88g

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