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m5 on a pedalboard.

Line-6 M5:The True Stompbox modeller

The M5

Yes, the M series pedalboards has been there for pretty long time, previous models are M9 and M13 , and M5 is one of the later versions.Now the question is, why am I writing this even I am a hardcore all analog pedal user? This pedal is for everyone who has a distortion pedal already or overdrive, or even nothing else or an amp, you can simply get the M5 to work out with rest of all the Fx you need . Let us figure out how,and I assume you already know about Stomp Modelling from my previous articles,if you do not,simply visit here: http://www.guitarneverlies.com/why-does-my-guitar-sound-different-on-stage/

M5 features

The m5 has 100+ great quality fx , it has distortions, Modulations , Delay, reverbs and filters which are modelled after world class pedals. So you get all the great Fx right on your pedal board on a compact size which you can call a Master Fx unit-M5.  The unit is simply 6″W X 2.4″H x 6.5″D – 2.5 lbs. You can even put it in your guitar gig bag or the casing. The unit also has a built in chromatic tuner, Tap Tempo syncs for time-based effects which is really really important for people like me who taps on delays always, Dedicated knobs control each effect parameter for Fx , Heavy-duty all-metal chassis and footswitches, and the package includes  DC power adapter.



The m5 is most easy to use, as you see from the screen shot from the user manual, It has 6 knobs from the top left, knob 1 lets you select the effect type you want , and as separated on no 2 of Series knobs, you can set the parameters of the effects . For example if you are using a digital delay you can select and change delay time, feedback , eq and Mix . Very handy I would say. The display will show you different colors according to the Fx selection.You can store or edit 24 Fx according to your needs.The unit has an autosave feature as well if you forget to store the presets, and you can rename the presets with the names you like them.

The Tap footswitch as stated on no 5 , is usable to set tempo on the live situation assigned to all time based Fx. And If you just press and hold the tap switch you will get the traditional line6 tuner on display. The other Footswitch is just on/off – used to turn on or off of the Fx .To enter preset mode you have to press and hold both the on/off footswitch  mode and the Tap switch , so that you can change up or down with your stored Fx.

The rear’s the best part to me, what caught my eyes is the expression pedal option! Any expression pedal will work with m5 which is standard, The stereo input option if you are putting it after stereo fx or even 2 amps, and stereo outputs accordingly, very well and intelligent design by line6 ! on the side you will see more, midi in/out is there for you if you want to control the unit from an external source!


You can use the m5 in various ways, and all of them are relative to the signal chain you are setting up, I designed some example signal chains that you guys and use as below:

  • Guitar> M5 > Amp
  • Guitar> Analog distortion / Od  > M5  > Amp
  • Guitar> Amp > M5 > Mixer/audio interface
  • Guitar>Amp > Amp send to m5 input , Amp return to m5 output

I am sure you are getting the idea now, so it is all about what you want.


It is true buying a lots of time based FX or filters are expensive, and m5 is the best option if you want to avoid the budget with your existing distortion or OD or amp.Plus as you can set presets,if you do not like switching pedals,m5 is a good option for you. In bangladesh you will get the M5 only for 14500 TK at World Music and Golden Music CO.

m5 on a pedalboard.



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