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Joy Bangla Concert 2017 Unofficial Review

Hello good people, as my article title you already came to know what i’m gonna write here. Full review of Joy Bangla Concert 2017. Well this a massive event for the rock bands and rock listeners as well in Bangladesh. This is a very appreciable event by Young Bangla. I will go through every performance.

1.Spondan 1972: Spondon 1972 is called 1st bangla band of country formed in 1972 By Sheikh Kamal brother of Sheikh Hasina-(Honourable Prime Minister Of Bangladesh). Their genres are Pop,Rock,Sufi,Soul And Mixed with fusion.This band was the 1st performers of the concert. They performed 3 songs. They were very packed with their performance. Two guitars sounded very good. Drummer and bassist were very good. All of their performance were spontaneous. There was no sound balance problem. Everything was so balanced. One thing must be mentioned that the drums sound and compression was outstanding. In one line they were very good on their genre.
Current lineup:
3.Kazi Anan (SON OF Kazi Hablu -FOUNDER MEMBER OF SPONDAN 1972)
5.Kazi Shishir

2. Cryptic FateCryptic Fate is one of the most popular heavy metal band from Bangladesh formed in the early 1990s.Cryptic Fate was the 2nd performers of the show. They performed 7 songs. Sakib vai was outstanding, His heavy vocal blew us all then. Both the guitars were very well balanced as well their guitar tone. But one thing i noticed that Sarfaraz vai was checking the guitar tune after every song. Sakib vai was asking Sarfaraz “Tune thik ase” :p after the 3rd song. I guess its most probably for the new strings or something related to his guitar.  Rafa vai was out standing. All the performance was too much tight. Sound balance was very good. Its must be mentioned for all the band that the drums sound and compression was outstanding. I guess this credit must go to the sound engineer.
Current Lineup:
Shakib Chowdhury (Vocals/Bass)
K. Sarfaraz Latifullah (Guitars)
Farhan Samad (Guitars)
Raef Al Hasan Rafa (also drums!)

3. Arbovirus: One of the most critically acclaimed Bangladeshi rock band with vivid and flamboyant lyrics, brutal riffs, lead solo full of late 70’s nostalgia, detailed drums and bass work with expressionism in vocal line.Abrovirus was the 3rd performers of the show. They performed 5 songs. They have also a new guest member with them for this show. He is the young bassist Mong on replacement of ALDNANE vai for this show. They have also a guest guitarist Fasi for this show. He was bit noisy on his guitar. Ranjan vai and Shuharto vai was perfect with their guitars. This time we missed Nafeez vai’s beshi joss jumps. But Ranjan vai, Shuhato vai was jumping with guitars. That was beshi joss. Sufi vai was good. Their brand new song “Ishkul” was performed. Omanush and Jalo Agun Jalo was great. But on the last song “Hariye Jao” it seemed they were lack of energy. There were some little issues with tempo. Nafeez vai and Sufi vai thrown their band t-shirt to the audience. Everyone got infected by Arbovirus. They were very packed.
Current Line up:
SUHARTO on guitars,
NAFEEZ on drums,
RANJAN on guitars,
ALDNANE on bass, and
SUFI on vocal.

4. Shunno: Shunno is one of the popular Pop-Rock Band of Bangladesh.Shunno was the 4th performers of the show. They performed 6 songs. On the very 1st song there were song sound issues. Acoustic guitar and the electric guitar’s sound level balance. On the solo of 1st song suddenly the distorted guitar sound disappear after then it became loud suddenly. From the 2nd song everything was alright. On the 3rd song distorted guitar got loud again. I don’t know why it was happening. But it sounded bad. On the 4th song whole sound got lower then previous. On the 5th song Emil vai invited her very own elder sister Elita apu on the stage for sang with them. Whole performance was packed without the sound issues.
Current Lineup:
Emil – Vocal
Shaker – Guitar
Michael – Bass
Labib – Drums

5. NemesisNemesis is one of the most popular Bangladeshi rock band now a days formed in 1999.Nemesis was the 5th performers of the show. They performed 6 songs. Nemesis was facing sound issues before they started. One of their guitar didn’t get the sound properly, for this it took a lot of time for proper sound balance. Zohad vai was saying he was sorry and facing the problem between guitar and guitar amp. It feels very bad when you are just at the stage and facing gear and sound issues in front of the audience.When they started, they fired the stage, blew the whole audience. On the 3rd song Zohad vai invited Xefer on the stage for singing a most popular song called Joyoddhoni with them. “Kobe” was one of the best performance. whole stadium was jumping with them. Zafir vai and Rafsan vai was good with their guitar. Dio vai was too much tight.
Current Lineup: 
Ratul – Bass and Vocals
Zohad – Vocals and Guitars
Dio – Drums
Zafir- Guitars
Rafsan- Guitars

6. Shironamhin: Shironamhin is one of most promising and popular rock band in Bangladesh.Shironamhin was the 6th performers of the show. They performed 5 songs. On the whole concert Shironamhin’s performance was most packed performance. Zia’s vai’s bass sounded awesome like before. Oh that bass slpas on “Bondho Janala”!!! Diat vai was on fire. Outstanding performance. Clean playing. Each and every notes were delivered very perfectly. All the shredding, sweepings, runs delivered perfectly. I want to say his playing was most clean and perfect playing in last night. And the guitar tone, outstanding. If someone tell to give a best performer award i will give it to him. Tuhin vai seemed shaky sometimes but i guess its for his jumps. One thing here i should mentioned that They were facing much sound issues inside the stage in front of monitor. But output sound was awesome. I will say better than every one. On the last song they really were on fire on the stage. Oh that jamming. Guitar Key board duo. Drums bass duo.And hats of to the sound engineer of Shironamhin, Shipon Vai. Best performance of the day.
Current Lineup:
Ziaur Rahman Zia: Bass
Tanzir C Tuhin: Vocal
Kazi Shafin Ahmad: Drums
Diat Khan: Guitar
Rashel Kabir: Keyboard

7. Lalon: Lalon is one of the most popular folk rock fusion band from Bangladesh.On the 7th here the band Lalon. They performed 5 songs. It was very disappointing performance we got last night. Shumi apu’s voice was shaky and missed the orders sometimes. I don’t know why it happened. One guitar tone was not up to the professional mark. And there were some sound balance issues. Guitar solo sounds were not coming properly.
Current lineup:
Nigar Sultana (Sumi)- Vocals
Thein Han Maung (Titi) – Drums
Ashfaque Ahmed (Turjo) – Bass
Rafi Islam (Rafi) – Guitars
Julkar Nain (Ratul) – Guitars

8. Chirkutt: Chirkutt is one of the most popular epic fusion band from Bangladesh formed back in 2002.Chirkutt was the 8th performing band on the show an it was their 1st show on Joy Bangla Concert. The performed 5 songs. Emon vai played a lots of indian classical stuffs on distorted guitar which was sounded very unique but sometimes he messed up the things. For this notes were not delivered properly. Bassist Didar vai was good with his bass. Shumi apu seeded bit nervous and shaky on her voice. Keyboard and drums was good. They were packed but seemed there were lack of something.
Current lineup:
Emon Chowdhury-Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele And “Narsingha”
Pavel Areen-Drums, Percussion, Sound producer.
Sharmin Sultana Sumi – Vocal, Lyrics, Tune
Didar: Bass
Nirab: Keyboard

09. Warfaze: Warfaze on the most senior and popular rock/hard rock band from Bangladesh formed back in 1991.Warfaze was the 9th and the last performing band of the concert. As it was too late, i have to come back while Warfaze was performing. I couldn’t attend their show. Hope rest of the bands performance review will be same with your opinions.

One thing i should mention, Joy Bangla Concert series is a good initiative for rock musicians and the listeners as well. We go to the concert for free. Totally free. If the organizer make this event a paid event that would be much better i guess. We will be on practice of buying music. Music is not any free goods. Musicians dedicate their whole life in music. If we want it for free, how will it be sounded?? So i will request the organizers, please make a paid ticket system on these mega concerts. It could be 10 or 50 or 100 BDT. Please remember music is not any free product.

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