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Blackstar ID CORE for Home Recording and audio interface(Guide)

Hello happy blackstar users!Today I’m gonna show you how to use your ID Core amp like an audio interface!! 馃榾 let’s begin 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾

Things You Will Need:

  • # Blackstar insider app (updated to the latest version)
  • # A DAW (reaper,cubase,mixcraft,logic or anything else)
  • # Your ID Core amp (updated with the latest firmware)

don’t forget to update your amp and insider app plz,otherwise some features won’t work!!!!

Here are the features which I will show you how to use聽:

  • #聽Monitor your DAW through聽id core’s speaker or headphone out聽
  • #聽Reamping

for this demonstration purpose,I will use REAPER as my DAW 馃檪


first of all,open your DAW,then open the blackstar insider app…plug in your ID Core to your pc or laptop via usb connection open insider’s settings panel…you will see something like this….

select the audio mode to stereo emulated recording….if the speaker mute is ticked,kindly deselect it …. then go to your DAW…select options,then select preferences (see the images)聽 聽聽

select ID:Core Amplifier 1 as the first output range and ID Core Amplifier 2 as the second output range …..oh,don’t forget to check asio4all…..if everything is ok,you will see something like the image shown below….聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽

if you are having any issue with asio4all, plz comment below…I will try my best to give the solution 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪

OK….moving forward … your project which you want to monitor ,hit play and you are ready to rock ! 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾

there are two ways to control the volume output they are :

#First method : In reaper,I have a tiny looking volume control to the upper part of it’s master track (see the image)… I use it to control the output volume….聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽

聽#Second method : you can control the volume from your amp too,hold the “TAP BUTTON” and turn the “VOLUME KNOB” at the same time to adjust your volume(this will work only with the latest firmware updated amps)…but there is a little problem with this method….you won’t be able to control your output volume when you are using the emulated out or the headphone i will recommend you to use the first method 馃檪

there is a known bug in the insider app that the cassette player 聽doesn’t work with the ID Core’s usb,or you can say you won’t be able to use the cassette player to listen to your music files…I searched for the solution but found nothing 馃檨 but still you can listen to your favourite musics in your ID Core amp through usb 馃榾 just follow the steps that I’ve showed you before…this time,instead of opening a project,just load any mp3 file to any track of your daw…hit play and enjoy the music 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾

that’s how you can monitor your DAW through your ID Core’s stereo speakers or the headphone out 馃榾 isn’t that fun?? 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾


So,here comes the coolest feature of ID Core amp 馃榾 this feature will allow you to send your guitar’s unprocessed signal or DI to your DAW,where you can use the amp sims like “BIAS” or “amplitube” to get the best tone…also,you will be able to monitor your guitar through your amp too 馃榾 Or suppose you have some pre-recorded guitar DI tracks… you can send pre-recorded guitar DI to your ID Core amp too ! then you can tweak the amp to make your tone…cool!!!! isn’t it?? 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾

so let’s see how we can use this feature 馃檪

DI Bypass Through USB :

you can send your guitar’s unprocessed signal to your DAW with this feature….To use it,open your DAW…plug in your amp to your pc or laptop via USB connection…open blackstar insider app and then go to settings panel (see the image)

聽 聽

聽 this time select the audio mode to mono emulated/clean recording…now you can tick the speaker mute 馃檪 cz you will listen to your amp sims,not to your amp’s fx’s …open your DAW and go to the preferences(see the image)

enable the inputs, select the ID Core Amplifier 1 as your first input and ID Core Amplifier 2 as your second input…..plug your guitar into your ID Core… now see the image how I’ve set the track settings to receive my guitar DI….

Here I’ve selected the mono input,and then the ID:core Amplifier 2 as my input…don’t select the ID:core Amplifier 1 as your input,聽NEVER !聽!聽EVER !聽! 聽that isn’t for our purpose…so ignore it…and don’t forget to check “RECORD聽MONITOR“,otherwise you won’t hear anything from your DAW … reaper,the “RECORD聽MONITOR” option looks like this….I have marked it by red ink,looking little bit nasty :p but you will get the idea 馃檪

the bypassed DI volume is a little bit low,but we can fix it 馃檪 go to your ID Core amp control panel and hold the “TAP BUTTON” and the “GAIN” knob all the way up to get the loudest output…then load your amp sim plugin into the track…but if you think the input volume is still low,then follow this :

here I have joey sturgis’s “TONEFORGE MENACE” as my amp sim,but the concept will be same for all other amp sim plugins…I’ve marked the input knob in the image….just set it how much you want….this will solve your problem 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪 you can monitor the output through your pc or laptop’s speakers,or you can use ID Core 聽to monitor the output :p To monitor your guitar output through ID Core’s 聽speaker,just set your DAW output as I’ve showed you before,then select the ID:Core Amplifier 2 as your input.oh…this time don’t forget to deselect the speaker mute聽in insider’s settings plz!!!! but if you monitor your guitar through your ID Core’s speaker,you will get mono output…coz we had to select the audio mode as stereo emulated out to get a stereo output,but in this case we have selected mono emulated out to get the bypass tone of guitar…as there have no option to use two output in insider app,you will hear a mono output in your amp when monitoring…so the sound won’t be so clear and if you use the headphone out of Id Core,you will get output only on one side of your headphone,that’s not good…so i will recommand you to use your pc or laptop’s speaker or headphone output to monitor your guitar 馃檪

Here is a little demo of this awesome feature.I am sending my guitar’s DI signal to my DAW using my amp 馃檪 And the dry signal is going to my amp sim.I am using Bias Fx Desktop as my amp sim.Then I have performed a full mix to demonstrate how huge tone you can get using this awesome feature 馃榾 Enjoy \m/ \m/

Send Pre-recorded Guitar DI to your ID Core amp for reamping :

by this feature you can send a pre-recorded guitar DI from your DAW to your ID Core amp and tweak your tone how you want and record the output via USB at the same time…but this time you won’t be able to monitor your output through your pc’s speaker…you have to monitor through ID Core’s speaker or headphone out…open your DAW first,then the insider app…go to the settings panel select audio mode to “REAMPING”(see the image)

go back to your DAW,go to preferences and set your first and last output to ID:core amplifier 1 and 2 as I mentioned before how to do that…insert your pre-recorded guitar DI track in your DAW …you don’t have to worry about the inputs in track this will automatically work …hit play and you will get the output from ID Core….tweak your tone as you want from the amp’s control panel 馃榾 you can also record the processed output of ID Core in your DAW,but that’s a little bit tricky task…but I will show you how to do that….first of all,I’ve inserted another track and named it “output” (see the image) to record my amp’s output….

then I’ve clicked for the routing selection,selected “ADD NEW SEND” and routed my DI track’s ouput to the 2nd track and unticked the “MASTER/PARENT SEND” (see the image)

聽then I’ve clicked to set my recording output….

then I’ve armed my “OUTPUT” track to record my amp’s output…

and that’s it 馃檪 that’s how you can use ID Core’s reamping feature 馃檪

If you have any type of question or any problem,kindly comment below..i will try to give the solution 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪

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Ant贸nio Costa

Tank you for your post, it was very helpful. Could you help with some issues about this? 1. Why is it that we have to select ID:core Amplifier 2 as input and never (NEVER!! xD) ID:core Amplifier 1 instead? Why can’t we use both inputs in stereo (1/2)? Is it because only input 2 is ‘entirely’ raw? The thing is, i am using Ableton with my ID Core 40 connected, and if i choose input 2, it receives way less input than input 1. Why does this happen? 2. When using an amp sim (also BIAS here), by using both… Read more »


i have id core 150, insider V 1.8.1 amp firmware v1.3.0. Opening the settings i don’t have all the audio options you have. i can only select reamping mode ON/OFF