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Blackstar ID:Core stereo 20-Processor in a box

Blackstar ID:Core stereo 20-Processor in a box

access_time November 6, 2016

Introduction Seriously, What is the fuzz so big about the Blackstar Id:Core stereo 20? Being an hardass valve amp user

GuitarNeverLies-The Radio Show-Episode-2(15.2.11)

GuitarNeverLies-The Radio Show-Episode-2(15.2.11)

access_time February 8, 2017

The 2nd episode was very special for us,for the first time in Bangladesh we had classical guitar masters Mir Ali

Sazzad Arefeen as Consultant of “WORLD MUSIC”

Sazzad Arefeen as Consultant of “WORLD MUSIC”

access_time August 19, 2016

Sazzad Arefeen will be consulting World Music products of All Blackstar amps, Guitars, Accessories, Pedals and multi fx/Stomps,Audio equipments. You

BLACKSTAR HT-1:The Little guy

BLACKSTAR HT-1:The Little guy

BLACKSTAR HT-1:The Little guy

access_time August 26, 2016


Blackstar HT-1 Combo, Means a lot in a small box, the most affordable valve amp you could ever find which will sound like the bigger brothers of the series, even beating anything you heard around in the 1 watt world of Valve amps. It has already made it’s own path in the whole world,and it is time we want to know more here in Bangladesh.

Build and Dimension

The HT-1 is 308 x 305 x 172 (mm) on width,Height Depth, which weighs 6 KG, Yes I know you are bit surprised with the weight, I must mention to the new comers in the valve world that valve amps weight are much higher than solid states,A very high quality finish in Black as their signature, and sturdy. The controls are all metal.The amp is very good to carry or keep it stored anywhere you want, even under your bed! The best part is I felt like hugging it when I saw it for the first time!





  • EQ/ISF CONTROL :Blackstar Did not miss to add the ISF control, Blackstar says: “The ISF control works in conjunction with the Tone control. It allows you to choose the exact tone signature you prefer. Fully CCW is a more American characteristic with a tight bottom end and more aggressive middle, and fully CW is a British characteristic which is more ‘woody’ and less aggressive.” You would be really surprised to see it yourself how effectively and widely the tone parameter changes to your ears when you tweak it!
  • Input: Standard Input jack from Your guitar.
  • Gain: Works very interesting on the clean channel, If you go higher than 12 O’ Clock, It gives you a small crunch/overdrive like real big  amps do when you crank them up!
  • Overdrive select: The amp has 2 channels, You use this button to switch between Clean and overdrive, and the overdrive channel works really really good as heavy distortion on full gain or so. You can check how good the mutes sound on the low end on the video as well.
  • Emulated Output and Heaphones Out: I guess you all know what it does!
  • mp3/Line input: Yes! Blackstar did not forget that You would want to practice with your mobile phone or mp3 player.
  • Power Switch: Turn it on or off 😛

Top Panel



Sound Sample Videos:

I used an ESP LTD MH-327 with the Blackstar HT-1

Clean Channel:

Clean channel with HIGH GAIN Settings

Overdrive channel with high gain

OverDrive channel high gain solo


Sound quality

  • The clean channel is really clean. but has a bit of lower volume level output.
  • The higher gain level on clean channel is really awesome,feels vintage.
  • Overdrive channel is massive , the 1 watt valves does the job really neat, you can have a load full of tone variations by tweaking the controls,as in the video the low end is tight on the mutes too.
  • Solo,every note is audible and the dynamics of the valve feels right on the hands.


Technical specifications:

  • 1 Watt valve combo :
  • 1xECC83 and 1xECC82 valves comes pre installed.
  • 8″ speaker
  • External speaker output : You can connect this one as a head to any bigger cabinet matching the OHMS!
Rear Panel

Read Panel




If you are a seeker of a quality valve amp but have a low budget, this is your one, you can also hook up your pedals/stomp in front of the amp , the pre- amp clean channel works great on external distortions as well. The newer variation which has a built in reverb in addition is HT-1R which you might want to check as well.

Price :  TK 20,500 (Discounted) Price of Guitar Never Lies registered users and official students at World Music and Golden Music.

Feel free to leave any comments below 🙂

Sazzad Arefeen profile at Blackstar amps





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