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My Story,and now How to develop soloing skill?

*This note is my personal story related to Guitar Never Lies, writing from the very beginning. Only read if you have enough time. But I recommend you read my experience, might help if you had bad time in the lovely journey of music. The Question and Discussions are below.*

Hi, My name Fahim Muntasir (Faysal). I am from Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Honestly, I am a student of Guitar Never Lies (the Radio Show) from it’s second episode back in 2011. It was a fresh start of my life. My keen desire of playing guitar started coming to life. I could have never dream of playing guitar if there was no GNL. I never had any support from my family to buy a guitar, doing music and of course going to a teacher to learn. They won’t give me money for sure.
It was so fun listening to the episodes, the lessons was helpful. Sazzad vaia, Pick up, truck chacchu everyone was like family to me. I have also shared my poetry in the “Lyrics and Poetry” segment. Later, fortunately, I got another chance to meet Sazzad vaia, for his another great initiative which was Guitar Never Lies total live. Also I played 1 episode siting Right beside him. Let’s get back to the beginning. So my situation was like these, I didn’t have family support to learn guitar, I didn’t have enough mental strength to go to a teacher, I didn’t have money to pay him AND I didn’t have money to buy a guitar.
But I had only one thing, MY DEEPEST DESIRE TO LEARN GUITAR, no matter what! I sold my Samsung Chat brand new cell phone just to buy guitar. I brought a second hand Signature guitar at bdt 3500. Now that I had a guitar, I started learning. Alone at home, but not actually alone ‘cz Sazzad vaia and GNL was with me to help. The learning process wasn’t so easy for me. I never missed GNL (every episode – every segments), i tried to listen carefully, I used to go to Cyber Cafes to download the lessons on paper, I get back to home and I practice seeing them. If I had a any questions, I preserved those for next episode. Sometimes I also used GNL’s official facebook page, Sazzad vaia sometimes replied to my queries himself and the videos was there to help too!
This way, I learned all those 14 lessons accurately, all of them! But still, I would say I don’t know guitar much. Truth be told, I know lessons and grammars a lot. But something is missing. what is it? The missing part is direct instructions, directions that I might get from a teacher If ever gone to one. When I practiced, I was my teacher and I along was my student. My years of practice are precious gifts to me, which was given to me by Sazzad vaia without he even knowing it. These days, I am developing a lot.
My circumstances are not yet changed. Looking for a job right now. 😛 But I know, THINGS WILL CHANGE someday for sure. I would have enough time and money. I would never be as happy as that day when I would be a official happy student of “Guitar Never Lies – The School”. Well, this is a dream, just like it is to play guitar.
Though, I would like to tell everyone that, GNL was always a part of my life, AND I miss the show very much. If GNL was never born, a flower garden in me could have died without enough care, water and seeds. Thanks Sazzad vai from helping.
The purposes of writing this note are, 1. to share my story. 2, to discuss about a problem.
My question:-
The problem is, I can’t play solo well. I mean, yeah I know a lot of lessons like scaling, arpeggios, pentatonics, 7th arpeggios etc. These are lessons. But I want play or compose a lovely solo. That is where the problem is. CAN anyone here give me suggestions, or some tips to develop my soloing skills. How to make cool licks? I know, this is a place for guitarists. I must get helP!!
Thank you for your patience and passion for music. Keep rocking. \\m//

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Dear Fahim, You should really start picking up a lot of songs, the songs which catches your ear , and it does not mean you have to be accurate, if you want to train your ear avoid tabs , and also start composing on your on, day by day you will adapt.