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Stomps To Rock(Part-1):What Pedals Should I buy?


Having inspired to see Bangladesh and the guitar players specially the new generation having the overwhelming interest about stomps specially the analog pedals-made me to plan to write this article for you. The most common question I have from everyone who has a plan to stomp is “Where Do I start and with what and how many pedals? How much will it cost?” . Been observing the budget issue from a 3rd world country like us. I will detail this article to capture quality as well.  And this article is dedicated specially to Rock-Metal guitar players,and of course ALSO EVERYONE WHO IS A BIT SCARED TO HAVE STOMPS TOO!

Where to start?

It is the best to start with lowest number of pedals, It is very wise to think about every pedal before going for it, and observe everything in the internet, even try them in the shops first. As a Rock Guitar player,You can kick start following 3 fx types written below:

  1. A distortion Pedal
  2. A noise gate
  3. An analog delay

I assume You already have an amp and I explain below more about them.

1.A distortion pedal

Yes,Your love and thirst and the whole sound of Rock will depend on the distortion pedal,the blood gore of your guitar sound. We have couple of great options available here in bangladesh and they are:

Electro Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost:

The metal muff is widely popular all over the world,Having great controls almost all you need from a pedal, it gives you full range of bass, treble, middle,volume and distortion controls, and Top Boost is the bonus,You have a totally separate footswitch apart from the distortion on of switch, the top boost knob you can control your overall mid frequency boost / high mid boost or high boost for your cutting out/boosting your solo parts out of the riffs. Very convenient! Metal muff’s super equalizer quality is easily tweakable to figure out from Rock to Metal to Brutal Death metal sounds if you know how eq works.

Price range: 12500 BDT approx.

EHX Metal Muff with top boost
EHX Metal Muff with top boost

You may also consider checking out Just the METAL MUFF or the Pocket METAL MUFF which has a lower price range.Here is the link to know more:



Oh yah, this one’s just all about being metal, metal and brutal and metal. If you want a loooottttt offfff Disotortion,I mean really really a lot, it gives you that  , with a severe low/bottom end, full range of eq control. Low-High-Mid-Mid frequency and gain and volume control of it. Trust me, No one would like to mess with this one about being metal or trash metal that is for sure, because of the bonus “SCOOP” button on board, just press it, and it will cut off the whole thing to a minimum mid frequency to punch through anything. There is this other button-A built in gate,which to me does not really work very well with such a high gain pedal, Though You may want to try who do not want to have a dedicated noise gate yet!

FullBore Metal

Price Range: 11500 BDT approximate.

2.A noise gate

What is a noise gate? When you use high gain pedals, it produces a line noise or an electrical interference noise while you press the distortion to on, which is very natural, and the only way to eliminate it is having a dedicated noise gate, oh well it works like a charm.What are the options? See below:

 Boss NS-2 noise suppressor

Boss says:


“The NS-2 Noise Suppressor eliminates unwanted noise and hum without altering an instrument’s natural tone. It’s the perfect pedal to quiet down any pedalboard or effects setup.”,and I completely agree with that, Nothing more to say about it, it has been there for ages and ages for all over the world,used by famous to infamous or even the dracula himself!The ns-2 has 3 knobs to kill every single noise from your line, remember not the noises if it comes out from your hands though 😛 , it has a threshold to how much line noise you want to cut off, a decay when to let it work and release, and the mode knob to make the reduction or go totally mute if you need.From my view, I have always used the ns-2 with the send return method,which you will know how to connect in the user manual having 2 extra cables very easily!



Price range : 8000 BDT approximate.


3.An analog delay:

An analog delay will make your solos more attractive and sweet to the ears, does not matter if it is fast or brutal or softy, You will need one.Below are the options:


This is a very popular analog delay, which has 3 knobs, the mix to control the delay level, The regen gives you to control how many repeats is your delay going to make, and the delay knob to select your delay time up to 600ms . There is a mod button, this gives you access to a bonus feature to add chorus like effect to your delays! And yeah, this is a true analog delay pedal,assuming you know already what analog architecture means.The carbon copy has been there for very long and very popular as well.


Carbon Copy
Carbon Copy

Price range: 14000 BDT approximate.

Electro Harmonix Memory Toy

This is probably yet the best analog delay for the price there in the market, The name has a toy but it works as good as the memory series bigger delay pedals in size! The Pedal is very small,falls under the NANO series pedals of EHX, and looks sweet too :P. It has a delay knob which can give you delay time up to 550 ms, the feedback knob to select the number of repeats and the blend knob to set the volume of the delay. And it surprised me that the pedal also has a modulation switch option in such a compact design to give you chorus like fx with the delays. Quality of sound? It is still un doubtfully the best holding the previous legendary trendsetter models of the memory series.

Memory Toy
Memory Toy

Price range: 9800 BDT approximate.


Assuming you are a starter, Here is the signal chain options you will need to follow for this 3 pedals:

  • Guitar>Noise gate>Distortion>Delay>Amp
  • Guitar>Distortion>Noise Gate>Delay>Amp
  • Guitar>NS-2>Delay>Amp  and The Ns-2 Send To distortion input, Return to distortion output-Works best for high gain and more number of power unit pedals.

Power to the pedals?

For starters-It is easy, all of these pedals I mentioned requires 9V, You should get an original power supply of MXR or EHX , and get a daisy chain to power them all at once and easy! otherwise, You can put in 9V batteries every now and while if you are ready to change them every 2-3 days a week or you really play and practice very less.

Daisy chains and adaptors
Daisy chains and adaptors
Would look something like this when you connect.

Your Budget is up for it?

I know, you must be thinking regardless, if you read the whole article the sum of 3 pedals should be 30000 to 35000 BDT. If you do not have it yet, Start of with one pedal, one by one ,and you would not regret, trust me :),remember one thing. analog was there, is there and will be for true organic sound, it is worth your investment every penny. And do take your time to experiment more and more with the pedal selections, patching and connecting, tweaking, and the next parts of my article will keep on helping of course!


-Sazzad Arefeen


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