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Do I have a Genuine “Guitar”?(Part-I)


Once in a month or quite regular, I get this question – “I Bought this guitar from there/I want to get that guitar from there- But I heard they sell counterfeit(NOKOL) products, Bro do you know anything about it?”

The best answer is to ask the mother companies who make it,because they know all their sons and daughters better than anyone else,use the serial number printed on the guitar neck or back and follow the links below to verify who are the real children!

And Be sure to buy from Official Dealer of Distributor – Despite you live any part of the world! You will find the list in the relative links too…and If you have questions, you can e-mail or call them directly, they will be happy to answer your questions.





Ibanez Guitars:

By Sazzad Arefeen

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SAZZAD AREFEEN is the guitar player from the band De-illumination, guitar instructor at GuitarNeverLies -The School,official artist of Blackstar amps.

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