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Food for your Acoustic Guitar-D’Addario Strings

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Your guitar needs food to provide good sound and playability,comfort and longevity,and you really should not feed it with bad,rotten meals ,even if it is for an year or more! Strings are on of the major foods your guitar will work and sustain, I will discuss about the currently available D’Addario guitar strings for acoustic guitars here in Bangladesh.

Acoustic Guitar Strings:

EZ890 and EZ900

The EZ890 and EZ900 are being very popular all around the world with standard string gauges, EZ890 is super light, starting the string gauge from .009 to .045 (Plain Steel .009, .012, .015, Bronze Wound .025, .035, .045).Well those of you who are having a major problem with TOO HIGH tension with your acoustic guitar and have tried to align it many times and did not work, well this is the easiest way to get it low , and of course this will stop your hands to bleed if you have been on it already I mean.You may easily streth up your strings upto standard E without loosing the sound depth, if that is what you are thinking as well with the lower string gauge. On the contrary the Ez900 Is there(Plain Steel .010, .014, Bronze Wound .022, .030, .040, .050), with same material specification ranging the string gauge from .010 to .050 ,definitely a good choice if you want to tune your guitar down to D flat or even D.The 85/15 Bronze combines the brilliance of 80/20 bronze with the longer life characteristics of Phosphor Bronze.





D’Addario EJ 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings pioneered by D’Addario Sr. himself in the 1930’s! If you are having weird budges on frets like 12 and not on 15 or 1st on D string, these are great specifications to easily solve the tonal issues! And do not forget the higher the gauge, the higher the chances of breaking Strings!

The EJ10 are  titled as Extra light gauge with a very differently made gauge sizes as :

  • Plain Steel .010, .014, Bronze Wound .023, .030, .039, .047 and titled as Extra light .

If you want to pull and bend and want it to be more smooth, the E A D G strings are quite sleek with a softer tone.These strings are meant to last longer and trust me they really do! If you want to experiment more with different string gauges all through, the EJ11 and EJ12 has the specs as below :

  • EJ11: .Plain Steel 012 .016,Bronze Wound .024 .032 .042 .053 , it is titled as light.





The EJ13 is a quite different story, it is titled as custom light bearing a very different number of string gauge as:

  • 11-15-22-32-42-52

Different right?


So as you can see the numbers, they are quite different in the EJ series, and that is what the makers intend to do, you need to try different gauges what suits your playing style,sound and flexibility.I know you had been looking forward and been using for various cheaper solutions for guitar strings, but D’Addario strings are made to last long, sound deep and give you enough room to settle down with your hands, stop unwanted string brakes and even on stage!!!Besides that you do not really want more and more rust and corrosion from our highly humid weather which leads to killing you fretboard even! And Since you have options now , Go for it.

Price Range and Value for money:

In my opinion, Do not spent your money on 3 months of 150 bucks each, rather change it once in 3 months with 450 bucks and stay with the best for more!



You really should not eat much of rotten food, and I would definitely go for the best ones for your guitar, let your money be used for long lasting strings and happy playing and hey, with good strings, your guitar wont just sound good, but it looks good too 😛

Artists who use D’Addario Acoustic strings:

Mark Tremonti
Korel Tunador – Goo Goo Dolls


P.S: Please comment below if you have queries.

Article By Sazzad Arefeen


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