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Films That ROCKS

First of all this is a fun post. I put together movies that are not only have kickass soundtracks, each of these films somehow reflected Rock music in general. These are all fun films already with good time Rock N’ Roll music backed up. I tried to keep the descriptions short and fun. Let’s find out how Rockin’ these films are…

School of Rock …because we all know it Rocks!

Almost Famous …because it’s a fictitious story about Cameron Crow’s real experiences with the bands like Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Allman Brothers band, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, David Bowie, during his time workin’ for Rollingstone magazine. The band “Stillwater” in the movie was a fictional band, it’s a combination of legendary bands Cameron Crow interviewed/toured. Stillwater was created out of the actors with the help of his Rocker wife, Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson and legendary guitarist Peter Frampton.

Doors …because it’s about Jim Morrison!

I’m Not There …because it’s based on one too many Bob Dylan!

Last Waltz …because it’s a concert! but I don’t know why most of the big band’s show or whenever a big director cover a show, then it’s credited as a “film”, this one’s by Martin Scorcese!

Velvet Goldmine …because it’s a fictitious story about Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, It’s all Glam & Punk!

Trainspotting …because it was meant to be a cult movie ended up huge hit,

Cadillac Records …because it’s about the famous Blues music recording label “Chess Records”, one of the finest Blues labels! The owner Len Chess was true Blues music digger! He used to hunt Blues talents and sign them, when no one was signing any black singers! Chess studio is the pilgrimage to all Blues musicians.

Elizabethtown …because of great playlists & Freebird (spoiler alert!)

Boat that Rocked aka Pirate Radio! …because it’s all about music and a story about a radio station that broadcast from the sea boat!

Taking Woodstock …because it’s about Woodstock 69

Woodstock 69 …because it’s credited as a “film” as well!

Requiem for a Dream …because it’s awesome soundtrack, super story!

This is Spinal Tap …because it’s a Cult film, made as like a Documentary, but it’s not really a Rocumentary. It’s also sarcastically funny, so it’s a “Mocumentary” and also sometimes we just need to take things to 11. (spoiler alert!)

High Fidelity …because it’s about a record store, and Top 10 chart about everything you can think of and lots of mix tapes!

The Wall …because it’s based on a Rock alum by the greatest Psychedelic band of the world.

Wayne’s World …because it’s about arranging a concert and it’s pure fun!

Airheads …because it’s about a band that hostage a radio station to play their songs! And other things that a Rock band do.

Blues Brothers …because it’s about Blues and brotherhood!

CBGB …because it’s about CBGB club, birthplace of Punk Rock!

…more Rockin’ films (not necessary about Music)…

Shining …because it’s the best horror movie ever and “Redrum” (spoiler alert)

Natural Born Killers …because Tarantino wrote this twisted story and Oliver Stone created a master piece. These killer duo Rocks!

Runaways …because it’s a true story based on an all girl Rock band!

I Am Sam …because everyone on the soundtrack album sings all the Beatles songs so well.

Across the Universe …because interestingly this film is wonderfully crafted with the Beatles songs.

Moulin Rouge …because it’s a tribute to all the classic songs, the story is crafted with the lyrics.

Plasantville …because it is just a good film and we don’t like things turning Black&White to Colour! (spoiler alert!)

Ironman …because of the Black Sabbath song!

Sherlock Holmes …because this new Sherlock is so hip! Also the series now…

Dead Man …because it’s a offbeat Western film which is kinda deep, with all the Native American Red Indian myths and William Blake links! Also, Neil Young did the fantastic score almost with an lone electric guitar!

Blow …because it has a killer Blues Rock soundtrack!

Studio 54 …because it’s about last days of Disco!

Last Days of Disco…because it’s about last days of Disco!!

Swing Kids …because it’s full of Swing music and all that Jazz!

Sweet and Lowdown …because it’s a story about a fictional guitarist who’s only second to the legendary French guitarist Django Reinhardt. In reality, Django was one of the greatest guitarist of all time.

Factory Girl …because it’s about Pop Art and Andy Warhol. It tells a story of one of Andy’s model Edie Sedgwick; also references of Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Nico and Allen Ginsberg connections!

Austin Powers …because of the laughs!

Pat Garret and Billy the Kid …because Bob Dylan acted on this Western film and did the whole soundtrack!

Mask and Anonymous …because Bob Dylan acted as a singer in a weird time, and social unrest.

Stoned …because it reveals the true story behind the death of the Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones. Which was unknown for many years, the killer finally confessed on his deathbed and thus this film.

Detroit Rock City …because it’s about seeing a concert, a Kiss concert to be precise!

Rocker …because it’s about a failed drummer who was given a second chance.

9 songs …because there’s nine great songs!

Good Morning Vietnam …because it’s about radio broadcasting in a war field during Vietnam war.

Blow Up …because it is one of of the classic film with total artistry. Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page appeared in a scene with the Yardbirds, and Jeff wan’t too happy about it. (spoiler alert)

Being John Malkovich …because they really got inside John Malkovich’s head and the “Malkovich, Malkovich” (spoiler alert)

Full Metal Jacket …because i had to put more Stanley Kubrick film.

2001: A Space Odyssey …because it’s still the best space movie ever!

Clockwork Orange …because it’s probably the first film that brings the idea to stage a plot to a different time/set. The film has only Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

Dogma …because they rewrite the bible in a Rockin’ way!

Chasing Amy …because Jay and Silent Bob Rocks!

Zack and Miri Make a Porno …because i don’t wanna see a Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob make crap films like cop-out or jersey girl.

Zabriskie Point …because it’s so hippie and the Pink Floyd/Grateful Dead soundtracks are awesome!

La Vallee …because it’s so hippie and Pink Floyd!

More …because it’s also hippie! Pink Floyd!! More Hippie!!!

Fear and Loathing in Vegas …because the life of sarcastic life of Beat Journalist/Writer Hunter S. Thompson. It’s so bizarre and give you a cool hippie trip!

Metal : A Headbanger’s Journey …because it’ll take you to the deep in the heart of Heavy Metal \m/

Greendale …because it’s a Neil Young & Crazy Horse album and Neil shot the film the way I imagined when I was listening to the album!

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll …because it’s about the British band Blockheads singer Ian Dury’s life, which was actually sex&drugs&Rockn’roll!

Sid & Nancy …because it’s all about Punk!

Last Days …aah it’s the tragic suicide story of nirvana’s Kurt Cobain (very sad movie, you can skip it!)

Crossroad …because it’s about crossroads, devil, blues and all those things! Ry Cooder did the Blues soundtrack and Steve Vai played appeared in the movie and play cool guitar duels! 

Rockstar …because it’s about the temp Rocker singin’ for the Judas Priest when Rob Halford left the band.

Blues Brothers 2000 …because it’s based on Blues Brothers!

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist …because of the playlists and it shows the infamous “cbgb” club!

That Thing You Do …because it portrayed breakin’ up of a typical Rock n’ Roll band in the 60s 

Empire Records …because it’s about savin’ a dyin’ Record Store! 

Wizard of Oz …you know which one! darkside soundtrack version is totally coincidental, original’s the best!

Big Lebowski …because he’s the ultimate hippie dude and Coen brothers Rocks!

I wrote this about 7/8 years ago so it definitely needs updating. Please feel free to suggest what more Rockin’ Films we can add here.

Have fun all you Rockers.

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