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ShontrasH Guitar Tones – Rhythm

ShontrasH Guitar Tones – Rhythm

access_time March 28, 2017

My band just released an album this 26th march , called Chomotkaar! Dhora jak du ekta Eedur ebar , Which

Why Does my Guitar sound different on stage?

Why Does my Guitar sound different on stage?

access_time June 24, 2016

I have been asked this question many times, and I always tried to explain my students and now it is

Brishti/De-illumination/Song Chords by Sazzad Arefeen

Brishti/De-illumination/Song Chords by Sazzad Arefeen

access_time August 12, 2016

বৃষ্টি  : De-illumination (Album: Onibarjo) কথা এবং সুর ঃ Rozario Rony Chord arrangement : Sazzad Arefeen   C        

February 2 for 1: Free Admission to Guitar class for 2 friends!

February 2 for 1: Free Admission to Guitar class for 2 friends!

February 2 for 1: Free Admission to Guitar class for 2 friends!

access_time January 25, 2019

এই ফেব্রুয়ারিতে ২ বন্ধু অথবা আমাদের বর্তমান কোন ছাত্রের বন্ধু ভর্তি হলেই লাগবে না কোন admission free. অর্থাৎ ৪০০+৪০০ = ৮০০ পুরো ৮০০ টাকা ছাড়। শুধু ক্লাসের ফি ১৬০০ টাকা দিলেই গীটার ক্লাস শুরু করা যাবে সকল ব্রাঞ্চে।

তো দেরি না করে এখনি www.GuitarNeverLies.com/apply লিঙ্কে গিয়ে application form fill up করে ফেলো!


  • 4(4 weeks) classes Fee : Tk 1599 /=*
  • 12 class enrollment discount if cleared together :Tk 4200 /=
    (600 less + No admission Fee)
  • 24 classes enrollment discount if cleared together : Tk 8400 /=
    (1200 less+No admission Fee)

*4 class 4 weeks=1 class 1 week from enrollment day. 


  • Admission helpline 01610222211 (whatsApp or dial from 11 am to 6 pm)
  • Payment numbers Via bKash : 01815513231 ,  01975513231
  • Payment number for Rocket(DBBL) : 016102222115



  • Introducing guitar body parts and how they work.
  • Introduction to notes and chords and their combination.
  • Basic fingering
  • Basic chords and Rhythms
  • Barre Chords and Rhythms
  • Major and Minor Scales and applications
  • Pentatonic Scales and applications
  • Basic arpeggio shapes.
  • Using scales with fingerings.
  • Time signatures and sub divisions
  • Serialized exercises relative to the topics
  • Composition ideas and composing with above topics.

Approximate time:4 months 


  • Advanced chords(7th,6th,Suspended,Added 9th,9th,Augmented,Diminished and more)
  • Advanced scales(Harmonic, Augmented, Diminished)
  • Advanced arpeggios(7th,6th,Suspended,Added 9th,9th,Augmented,Diminished and more)
  • Serialized exercises using advanced scales and arpeggios.
  • Modes.
  • Serialized exercises using modes.
  • Hammer ons,Pulls,vibrato,bend,slide,harmonics etc.
  • Runs/Fast playing using modes
  • Basic harmonizing process.
  • Composing guitar solos,pluckings,rhythms using above terms.
  • Composing songs and song learning all through.

Approximate time:4 months 


  • Introducing electric guitar parts.
  • Power Chords.
  • Noise controlling methods.
  • Playing rhythms with power chords And distortion .
  • Playing solos with distortion.
  • Fast picking exercises.
  • Playing legato and exercises.
  • Composing guitar solos,rhythms using distortion.
  • lots of songs to pickup.
Technical section Which are demonstrated in the Studio:
  • Understanding band sound
  • Use of guitar gadgets or processors.
  • Extended lessons on Effects ( Compressor, Distortion , chorus, delay, reverb etc ) and Guitar Patching.
  • Preparing yourself for stage

Approximate time:6 months

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