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Epitome Of Life – Rahul Bhattacharjee sends his message through his debut instrumental!

It has been quite sometime new instrumentals are coming from various artists, and yet Rahul hits the market with a full length guitar instrumental album . The intro, track placements and putting them onto the right places made me go hopping through the album fully! It has melody. technique and places you will remember always if you listen to it a few times.

Here is what Rahul says about his album:

“This is my debut Full-lenth Instrumental album. I’ve written all the music over a few years period with uncertainty. This distinct period of time led me to diffrent state of being which contributes to the very forms of all the tracks. ”

The writings was inspired in both Classical and rock grounds . This long writing process has made these track more meaningful and related to me. Hopefully you guys will be able to connect with it too.

There are tracks directly inspired from indian classical base and some ragas while i’ve tried to add a little rock flavour to it like “Ellora” and “perennial River”. On the other hand “Shankh Naad” is 7 string based composition and bit aggressive while other tracks are mostly on rock ground. A large part of those compositions was me jamming on the right time and state of mind without interepreting the flow or making it too technically saturated. “
So you guys who are logging for instrumentals, go grab Epitome Of Life from the links:


Prince Dey (Key and arts)
Falem Bipu (lArtwork)
Rahul (Everything else)Composed, arranged, produced by Rahul
Mixed and masterd by Rahul at Gods Eye Production

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