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Guitar Classes has started at Mirpur

Guitar Classes has started at Mirpur

access_time July 7, 2017

Finally we have started our friday morning classes at mirpur branches of Guitar Never Lies, we are really happy to

(Notice) Eid Vacation Date for guitar school

(Notice) Eid Vacation Date for guitar school

access_time September 18, 2016

আমাদের সকল বর্তমান ছাত্র ছাত্রীদের জানানো যাচ্ছে যে আগামী ৯/৯/১৬(শুক্রবার)  তারিখ থেকে ১৫/৯/১৬ (বৃহস্পতিবার) পর্যন্ত Guitar Never Lies – The

Crunch’s “Mad Volume” kicks Crazy Rock N’ Roll! (Album)

Crunch’s “Mad Volume” kicks Crazy Rock N’ Roll! (Album)

Crunch’s “Mad Volume” kicks Crazy Rock N’ Roll! (Album)

access_time December 10, 2017

If you are someone like me born in the 80’s or even earlier, you would be surprised from the debut of Crunch titled as “Mad Volume” . I mean honestly, the year is 2017 , your bag is full of Music  you will barely find a band from Bangladesh doing Rock N’ Roll in English and giving it the sound of the new generation. I loved every bit of it from top to bottom produced by “GAAN” app .

Now what do you expect from Rock N’ Roll? The album has every element of the hall of fame era. Cool vocals with right pronunciation over message full of lyrics, Guitar rhythms that will make you crank blended with the bass lines, not a single note over played on solos and drum beats will only make you feel like jumping and banging. it is a full package ,package a band is supposed to mean and deliver!

Straight to the point, I highly recommend you listen to the album in the link below:


You can also order official audio discs from Facebook here:


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