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“Music Buzz” Guitarists Special Episode-Ekattor Tv

27th sep,2013 It was a heavy rainy morning , I was gloomed with sorrow, my Father just passed away 2 weeks back on 15th sep,2013 , Oni Hasan Called me up in the morning -” Bhaia,I am coming up to pick you ” . Ekattor Tv – Music Buzz team delayed the show 3 weeks on a row for me …

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Fans Deposit

Fans Deposit Dear everyone, this is our fans deposit playlist on youtube,anyone can add your work with us,all you have to do is post your youtube video link on the comment section below,or email the youtube link at info@guitarneverlies.com ,or you can also add the video yourself by going in this link. Anyone Can request but your must be an …

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****GUITAR NEVER LIES:VIDEO CONTEST-1 **** Winners: First Prize: Mahedul Hasan Rifat DUNLOP FULL SET GUITAR STRING + OPERATION ANGRYMACHINE album এর AUDIO CD His video:   2nd Prize:Anjum Rashid Bijoy পাঁচটি গীটার Pick+ OPERATION ANGRYMACHINE album এর AUDIO CD His video:   কিভাবে অংশ নেবে? প্রিয় গিটারিস্ট ভাই ও বোনেরা,নীচের YouTube link এ De-illumination এর অনিবার্য অ্যালবাম থেকে অন্যতম গান “বৃষ্টি” …

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GuitarNeverLies-The Radio Show(Audio Episodes)

GUITARNEVERLIES-THE RADIO SHOW 200 episodes of the Radio Show had Taken place on Bangladesh as Season-1 of Guitar Never lies on abc fm 89.2 , from feb 8th 2011 to june 2014. Click to download the following links from the infamous GuitarNeverlies-The Radio show(Season-1)from abc fm 89.2 . Episode 1-30 Episode 31 to 100

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