GuitarNeverLies-The Radio show-Episode 9(19.4.11)

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Sazzad Arefeen

GuitarNeverLies-The Radio show-episode-8(12.04.11)

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Sazzad Arefeen

GuitarNeverLies Most Remarkable students gallery

This is the gallery of the most potential students we had over the years who went remarkable on continuing music

Sazzad Arefeen

Pictures from GuitarNeverLies on stage 2017-Exhibit Yourself

Student performance session from present and former students of Guitar Never Lies.

Sazzad Arefeen

ABC RADIO FM 89.2 থেকে Guitar Never Lies স্টুডেন্ট পারফর্মেন্স অডিও এপিসোড

Track list: 4:26 – Abar Elo jeshondha – Mostafiz Ahmed Tuhin, Ruhul Amin Ronee 12:26 – Gloomy Sky (Own track)

Sazzad Arefeen

Sazzad Arefeen & Schecter Guitars – An special interview on EkattorTv Music Buzz

Sazzad Arefeen talking about his endorsement from Schecter Guitars. Music Buzz from 2.30 pm on On Friday,6th october,2017.  

Kousik Zaman

Adittya plays 7th arpeggios & chords

From Rampura branch of GuitarNeverLies.

Sazzad Arefeen

Ruhul Amin Ronee plays always somewhere

From Rampura branch of Guitar Never Lies.

Sazzad Arefeen