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ALBUM REVIEW: “Boddho Manob” by Meta-Voyage

“Boddho Manob” has a brand new fresh sound. It has released on 2016. It’s the debut album of Rock band Meta-Voyage. They have 11 tracks in this album and I have tried a little step to write down about this specific album. Track-by-track album review by Md. Riad Emam (from Chittagong)   Track 1: Chemistry of Mystery The first track of …

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7 Facts to think about if you are a musician or not!

If you are not a musician, you will definitely believe doing music is all about fun. But here is a list what music is all about for me: 1.have to let go maximum of my social connections and friends in real life. 2.Practice practice practice, thousands of hours of practice where day and night has less difference. 3.Get your ass …

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Hartke bass amp special price for GuitarNeverLies

Good news for bass players, you guys can avail these special prices for World class bass amp Hartke, just fill up the form online here at Hartke Bass Amps: 1. B200 – TK 12,000 2. Hydrive 25W Combo 8” – TK 13,000 3. Hydrive 50W Combo 10” – TK 20,500 4. A25 – TK 17,000 5. HyDrive 112C – …

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Marshall amps special price list

This is the special price list for Marshall amps for users and students of Guitar Never Lies. to avail the discounted price visit MARSHALL Lead Amps – MG Series – Made in Vietnam 1. MG15CF (15 Watts) – TK 9,500/- 2. MG15CFR (15 Watts) – TK 11,500/- 3. MG15CFX (15 Watts) – TK 14,500/- 4. MG30CFX (30 Watts) – …

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Guitar Never Lies-গীটার শেখানো এবং কিছু কথা

অনেক দিন হোল বাক্তিগত অভিমত খুব একটা মিডিয়াতে বলি না , আসলে প্রয়োজন মনে করি না কারন আমি মনে করে আমি যা বলি সোজা সাপটা বলি, পরিস্কার বলি। গীটার বাজানো আমার নেশা, গীটার শেখানো নেশা এবং পেশা, এবং এই নেশায় আসার একমাত্র কারন আমার কিশোর সময় , কারন কখনওই ভুলিনি মাত্র ১ টি বার কর্ড শেখার জন্য কত দারে যেতে …

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Bangladesh independence with Arch-The Band(Video Included)

Arch has been there quite for sometime, they formed back in February 2012 and came up with few of lineup changes. Arch has attended quite a few remarkable television shows/interviews and FM shows then released a cover song socially by the name “Tribute to the guru’s” (  Arch released an outstanding music video on February 2018 titled as “Bangladesh” which will be available on their upcoming debut. …

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