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তোমার প্রথম Guitar এবং তার গল্প।

তোমার প্রথম Guitar এবং তার গল্প।

access_time July 5, 2016

সবারি প্রথম গীটার কেনার একটি গল্প থাকে, কারো আনন্দের আর কারো হয়তো কষ্টের, Guitar Never Lies এর বন্ধুদের জানাও তোমার

SHONTRASH Released ” চমৎকার!ধরা যাক দু-একটা ইঁদুর এবার”

SHONTRASH Released ” চমৎকার!ধরা যাক দু-একটা ইঁদুর এবার”

access_time March 26, 2017

You Must be very surprised with the title and both the bands name, yes I was surprised at the first



access_time June 25, 2016

CHAPTER-7: BASIC PLUCKING AND FINGER PICKING how to pluck Silent Lucidity-Queensryche(Plucking Ear training)  

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ঈদে SCHECTER GUITAR কিনলেই ফ্রি গিফট থাকবে FOAM BAG!

access_time August 17, 2018

প্রিয় সবাই, এবারের কুরবানি ঈদ থেকে শুরু করে পুরো এক মাস থাকবে যেকোনো SCHECTER GUITAR কিনলেই সাথে একটি ফ্রি ফোম


access_time August 12, 2018

Personally I have not seen anything alike from Schecter’s hellraiser series before, indeed none of the series has this dragon

ESP LTD M-400M Natural Satin:The new M in the series

access_time July 30, 2018

Emerging competition has been followed in the recent year on making natural finished body tops over major Guitar Manufacturers over

Analog & Digital Audio-Know the difference

access_time July 27, 2018

A very basic topic but we sometimes miss out what does it mean at all? There has been an ongoing

Chapman Guitars Arriving in October 2018

access_time July 9, 2018

Chapman Guitars is a guitar company established in 2009 by Rob Chapman, a guitarist best known for his videos on

Schecter Guitars-The Sun Valley Super Shredder FR Series-Overload to the shredders world!

access_time July 1, 2018

Titled after the Guitar giant manufacturers homeland Sun Valley, CA , they makes their debut to the super shredder series in

Blackstar Fly-3 Bluetooth:Fly more with your phone!

access_time June 24, 2018

Retaining the same great quality and sound from the original Fly-3 , Which was one of the best sellers of

Blackstar amps price list 2018 for GuitarNeverLies

access_time June 23, 2018

The all new Fly 3 blue tooth , Unity bass , Id core V2 are now available right here in

Blackstar LT-Echo amps:When small is better!

access_time June 23, 2018

Blackstar has been there with their concentration on low wattage practice amp to no matter how high wattage valve amps

ALBUM REVIEW: “Boddho Manob” by Meta-Voyage

access_time May 24, 2018

“Boddho Manob” has a brand new fresh sound. It has released on 2016. It’s the debut album of Rock band