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Floyd Rose Bridge alignment guide

I know many of you have frustrations aligning a floating bridge, and probably this is the best guide on the internet I ever found, please collect the pdf and if you have questions, keep posted below 🙂 Floyd Rose

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Blackstar amp Special offer for Guitar Never Lies

DISCOUNT CARD: To avail this discounted price, Guitar Never Lies students or fans have to collect the discount card directly from Sazzad Arefeen. Please Dial 01610222211 (10 am to 6 pm ) to collect your discount card. For that you must have an account with us : http://guitarneverlies.com/login You can also avail the discount token online from here [captainform id=”761706″]   Blackstar Amplification: …

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When to change your Guitar Strings?

Do I Ever Have to Change My Guitar Strings?   If none of them break then no, you really don’t. I know people who don’t even think about changing their strings and would never choose to. But what if you don’t have a choice? There are some factors that could be a clear sign that you should change your guitar strings.   …

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