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access_time June 25, 2016

Beginners find it very difficult to hold chords,learn and change them.This chapter demonstrates the easy way out of the frustrations,and

Blackstar ID:Core stereo 20-Processor in a box

Blackstar ID:Core stereo 20-Processor in a box

access_time November 6, 2016

Introduction Seriously, What is the fuzz so big about the Blackstar Id:Core stereo 20? Being an hardass valve amp user

Admission for december

Admission for december

access_time November 30, 2016

প্রিয় সবাই, আমরা December মাসে নিম্নলিখিত বার গুলোতে সীমিত সংখ্যক নতুন ভর্তি নেবো ঃ শুক্রবার – উত্তরা(দুপুর ৩ টা -৬.৩০) ঃ

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Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty (Chords)

access_time October 3, 2017

[Free Fallin’ is one of the most popular songs of Tom Petty, who is is an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi

Bestota by Souls (Chords)

access_time February 24, 2017

Song: Bestota Singer: Nasim Ali Khan Album: Aaj Din Katuk Gaane Band: Souls Dm            

Stand By Me by Oasis (Chords)

access_time February 22, 2017

“Stand By Me” [Slash chords are notated with a chord, slash, and a bass note. For example, G/B is pronounced

Keu Nei By De-illumination Chords

access_time January 7, 2017

কথা : শামস সুরঃ শাজ্জাদ Note:This is a simplified version of the riff to play with acoustic guitar easily.Song is

Brishti/De-illumination/Song Chords by Sazzad Arefeen

access_time August 12, 2016

বৃষ্টি  : De-illumination (Album: Onibarjo) কথা এবং সুর ঃ Rozario Rony Chord arrangement : Sazzad Arefeen   C